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22 March 2019

Paige Hock

Paige Hock

Junior Paige Hock enjoys singing, occasionally dancing, and listening to punk rock and screamo.

When Hock was in seventh grade, Fremont’s Colorguard did a floor show at Rocky Mountain and she thought “it looked cool”. She tried out as a freshman, made it, and has been part of Colorguard ever since.

“It just kind of stuck,” she said.

One day during practice, she did a strip toss – throwing her flag in the air – and wasn’t able to catch it.

“It landed on my nose, cut my nose, gave me a bloody nose, and two black eyes,” Hock said.

But that didn’t stop her. “I finished the song and then I went to the bathroom [to get cleaned up].”

Most of her time is dedicated to Colorguard, but she loves it, especially “getting out there and the adrenaline rush of performing.”


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