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By: Jerra Fowers and Marissa Barnes

They’ve been playing through the crowds since 1994. The Fremont Pep Band is semi-voluntary and has helped Fremont have extra school spirit during the rough games. The band alumni even come back to play during the Homecoming football game every year.

“The pep band is a great way to get the crowd energized,” said Trent Thayne, trumpet.

The band showed their enthusiasm while playing as well as showing off their dance moves during some of their songs.

“The pep band brings the party. Without it, it’s just a football game,” said trumpet player, Bryan Gittins.

Fremont's pep band has plays at every game. By: Marissa Barnes
Fremont’s pep band has plays at every game.
By: Marissa Barnes

They would even gain a few members from some students just to dance along.

“I like being in pep band, because it lets me play a variety of music I normally wouldn’t,” said Kelci Maples, saxophone player.

The pep band is consistently playing at the games. Everytime Fremont makes a touchdown, traditionally the band will play the school fight song. Also, when there is downtime or when teams take a timeout, the band will play one of their songs such as “I’m a Believer” by Smash Mouth or “Happy” by Pharrell.

The pep band students are there during most home football games.

“I think they make things loud, lively, and hyper,” said Chris Redford, junior.

The pep band lives up to its peppy name, bringing more enthusiasm to Fremont games.

“I think the pep band also gets the teams going,” said Kenzie Isaacson, junior at Fremont.

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