Pizza and Cinnamon combine well inside this local restaurant

Pizza and Cinnamon combine well inside this local restaurant

Hometown Pizza, located in Ogden, brings a new twist to the typical mom and pop pizza parlor

Good food, friendly environment, and even better prices. When I first walked into Hometown Pizza, I instantly smelled  fresh pizza and a little cinnamon.

When I went up to the counter, they asked “take out or buffet?” For my sister and I, it was $19.25. $8.99 for adults and $4.99 for children. The options they had (when I was there) were 3 meat, pepperoni, and supreme. Upon request, they will make a different kind of pizza, everyday varies.

My sister and i got the exact same meal, the three meat, and pepperoni pizza with bread-sticks.

Not only was the food mouth watering, but fountain drinks were on point.  Along with what I previously got , I had a cinnamon sugar twist, which is basically a cinnamon unrolled and twisted, that was pretty good.

About 40 minutes into our eating, my sister noticed the owner making a pizza with her hands and was throwing it in the air. I personally did not believe her, but then I turned my back and I was in absolute shock. Usually pizza places just use some machine to roll out the dough, so seeing that they hand make their pizzas added to the experience.

After we finished eating, they said “Have a good day” as we were walking out the door. That alone showed me how family friendly they are. To top it all off the 50’s and oldies music added a nice touch to the whole experience.

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