Race to the Footlocker finishline

Feet pounding, pulse racing, clock ticking, the Footlocker race has finally begun.

Footlocker is a race that is put on by the company, Footlocker. The 5k race has been going on for 39 years, and takes place in California.

The race is divided up into 4 regions, our district being in the western region. As of this year, it was the cross country team’s fourth year returning.

The Footlocker race takes place on the first Saturday of December every year. Coach Sauvageau and the runners take a van, leave on Thursday before the race, and drive through the night.

“We train as a team, but race as individuals,” Sauvageau says.

They all place separately, there is no placement system for the schools in general.

“The team as a whole competed well, it was not nearly as stressful as expected.” says Sauvageau, “and it definitely pulled the team closer together.”

Two boys competed especially well, Zachary and Bronson Winter. They made it to nationals, with Bronson placing 31st and Zachary 34th.

“In my opinion, it’s the closest knit team at Fremont.” Sauvageau says.

Next year, Savageau is hoping to improve on times, rankings, and getting more people to compete. Anyone can compete, as long as they’re a highschool student.

The team also needs to work on staying motivated in the time between the end of cross country and the Footlocker race.

Sauvageau looks forward to the next Footlocker 5k, “…but we definitely need more recruits!”

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