Recommended Summer Hikes

 Here are some Utah hikes and our experiences!

By: Lily Bates and Jack Deamer

Waterfall Canyon Trail via Ogden trail is a very fun and easy hike. This hike has a good amount of people on it almost everyday if it isn’t raining or snowing. 

This hiking area has multiple trails with some for bikers, so if you don’t feel like walking and want to ride, you can do that. These trails are also very dog friendly, so feel free to bring your dogs, or just go on the hike to see cute dogs. 

There is a bridge that you will cross at the beginning of the hike and then you keep going up until you hit a second bridge you will cross and continue up the mountain. Be careful because it starts to get a little wet and you might start slipping on the rocks, so you have to be cautious and take it slow. 

As you get closer to the top, you will start to hear the roar of the waterfall get louder and louder and the air around you starts getting colder. Once you hit the top, you will see people taking pictures with the city behind them or you will see people taking pictures of the waterfall. 

On your way down, you just have to make sure you don’t run down because this hike is very much uphill and you might trip and fall going down hill. 

The hike is overall pretty clean, there is some graffiti on some rocks and the occasional chapstick on the ground. Overall it was a 9/10 and I recommend you go with some friends.

There are plenty of other hikes in Utah and in our local area like Donut Falls Trailhead,

Antelope Island, Arches National Park, Ridge Trailhead, Ben Lomond Peak Trail, Skull Crack Trailhead, Mount Ogden Trail, and  Wind Cave Trailhead.

These hikes range from Ogden to Ben Lomond and are relatively close by. Most of the trails on this list are meant for beginners except for these few. Ben Lomond Peak and Wind Cave Trailhead are more difficult and not recommended for beginners

Some things you should expect to see are fun birds, thick trees, other hikers, and rocks. Every hike has its own level of difficulty and excitement. The best hikes are ones you wouldn’t expect much from. Like the Wind Cave trail, at the very top of the mountain there are caves and holes in the mountain. 

If you are looking for a really simple hike you can do before work, go to 22nd Street trailhead and go the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. It is a small hike with a great view. 

Overall, Ogden has some great hiking trails for beginners or experts and this spring, you should definitely consider getting out there for some much-needed sunshine! 

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