Red Bull Rampage

Red Bull Rampage
Kurt Sorge competes at Red Bull Rampage in Virgin, Utah on October 27th, 2017

The history and what goes on at Red Bull Rampage.

Up until 16 years ago, the small, dry, hot town of Virgin, Utah wasn’t known for much. Now, at the end of every October, one of the biggest and most treacherous downhill mountain bike competitions in the world takes place.

To see this spectacle, viewers must buy tickets. Then, hike a few miles in from the parking lot to the mountain side. No off road vehicles are allowed which makes for a long hot walk but the effort is rewarded with the greatest extreme sport that people see in person.

For the 2017 competition, a whole new ridgeline was added. At this invite-only event, the 20 best mountain bikers from around the world traverse down the red rock mountains for the chance to be crowned this year’s champion. Before the event takes place, the rider and two people get three days strictly for building lines so no biker will take the same line down  the hill.

To land a place on the podium, and take home the grand prize of $8,000, each rider and their run will be rated by four categories: difficulty of line, air amplitude, control, and fluidity.  Kurt Sorge from Canada took the number one spot for the third time. Riders Cam Zink taking second and Utah’s own Ethan Nell taking third. Then Antoine Bizet won the people’s choice award with a stellar run where he stomped a double backflip.

Now that this year has concluded,  everyone is already looking forward to a new year and new exciting season of mountain biking.

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