Roylies Bakery & Cafe Welcomes Hungry Silver Wolves

Roylies background story, and the motivation behind the family to give Plain City great food with a meaning.

Imagine moving to another country after selling a home, and most possessions, with only four suitcases, two children, and the drive to start a new business. Bill and Sue Whitelock had the courage to do just that. Leaving England and moving to Plain City, Utah in 2014, was only the start of their story.

When the Whitelocks’ found an old day care building for sale near Fremont High, they viewed the building and immediately saw potential. They knew that was the place to begin their new journey.

The name “Roylies” stems from Sue’s grandmother, Roylie. The Whitelock’s decided to name the store after her grandmother because Sue wanted to keep her “close to our hearts”, and give the store a unique name, so, they decided to test it out. They weren’t sure how the name would sound with an american accent, but the familiarity of the store got the name out, and Utahans thankfully pronounced it correctly.

When the Whitelock’s moved to Plain City, their motive was to provide better food options for highschool students during lunch.

I had the opportunity to try their Caramel Frappe and Turkey Bacon Avocado Sandwich during my visit. I am a Barista at Starbucks, therefore, I compared their blended coffee drink with one familiar to what I make often, and Roylies version of the Carmel Frappuccino was extremely tasteful.

The sandwich was also well prepared. Along with the great taste, the presentation was fantastic. My meal came with a drink and chips, which is a great deal for teenagers. I also got the chance to taste their tomato bisque. To say the least, lets pray my mom doesn’t see this- it was as amazing, and maybe even better than my mom’s tomato soup. I’m just being honest, sorry mom, (Inserts praying hands emoji).

All in all, the Fremont based atmosphere that Roylie’s has, is a refreshing change from the normal fast food restaurants on 2700, that often times make students late to class due to the distance.The Whitelock’s welcome hungry Silver Wolves, which is why I’ll be spending my time at Roylies. Not only to get a taste of their amazing food, but to save some cash while eating healthier.

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