Running to family

Running to family

Trophies lining the hallways, choreographed cheers, attractive players, a sea of blue celebrating a win with a deafening howl. It’s no secret the excitement of sports can encourage most students to get involved, including trying out for a team. However, some students might think they’re not athletic enough. The simple solution for anyone who thinks they can’t make a team: run.

“Anyone who can walk can join,” says Aimee Sauvageau. “The more people means the more chance at success.”

Coach Sauvageau has been the Cross Country coach for 3 years, the track coach for 5, and truly believes that if a student can walk they can do well on either team. The way she recruits makes it easy for anyone to join – she asks a student to join or they ask her.

Alicia Anderson, a junior, knows that Coach Sauvageau doesn’t just ask once either.

“Yeah, she’s asked me only about four times,” said Anderson.

As long as students show up to practice and work hard, and besides filling out a few basic forms, they’re on the team. Being on track or Cross Country isn’t just a team though, it’s a family.

“If someone feels like they don’t have a lot of friends, you automatically have a new family when you join,” said Coach Sauvageau. “We don’t care who you are or what your background is.”

Some students are already planning on joining track for the upcoming season.

“I’m fast,” said junior, Bryce Seabolt, who is considering becoming part of the track family. “And I think it will be a lot of fun.”

Those students might be thinking that with an easier recruitment process comes a tough coach. They’re mistaken though.

“I really have a belief in every student that joins…that’s my coaching method,” said Coach Sauvageau. “Plus, I don’t know how to be mean.”

*Photo by Kristen Morey (screenshot); Caption: Even in a conversation with another teacher, Aimee Sauvageau is still focused on adding a new member to the track family.


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