Ruth B hits all the right keys

Canadian singer/songwriter explodes from Vine

It takes a unique musician to capture a listener’s attention within the first few notes. Ruth B, a 20 year old rising singer, happens to be one of those musicians catching my attention immediately. Her whispery vocals accompanied by her piano playing, plus her own powerful lyrics, makes for an amazing artist that I can’t stop listening to.

Ruth B released her first EP back in November and continues to gain fans ever since. She first became popular through the social media app Vine. By posting six second video snippets of her song “Lost Boy,” she created anticipation among people that couldn’t stop watching. Within six months, she had two and a half million YouTube followers, blazed a sales trail on iTunes, and was signed to a major record label.

“The Intro,” Ruth B’s EP contains four songs. “Two Poor Kids” is the first song and is all about love. Ruth B sings about how she doesn’t need anything fancy, “just us, just love.”

The next song is the one that made Ruth B famous. “Lost Boy” is a melody about Peter Pan. All the lyrics match perfectly with the storyline and the piano accompaniment is stunning.

My personal favorite song “Golden” is a soft song that packs a self-empowering punch. The lyrics are stunning and sing of being yourself, despite others criticism. “Tonight I’m no bronze I’m no silver / You’ll be thinking damn I knew her / But you didn’t.”

The last song on “The Intro” is “Superficial Love.” This love song is about Ruth B wanting more than just PDA and is fitting for many high school relationships.

For anyone looking for new music and who likes softer voices, I’d definitely recommend giving Ruth B a shot. She’s perfect for those rainy days or times when background music is needed. While these four songs are great for now, I hope to see a Ruth B album soon.

Ruth B a 20 year old Canadian singer catches attention

Ruth B a 20 year old Canadian singer catches attention Photo: Moxie



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