Senior Week Activities

Senior Week Activities

Graduation isn’t the only celebratory event seniors do.


Graduation is coming up and seniors are ready to go. Summer fever and Senioritis are in the air, and all students want to do is party, and party they will. Senior week, a week full of fun activities for only seniors, is held on May 14-21.

Senior week was designed to be a send off for the seniors and to create good memories of high school before they leave.

“Senior week is an opportunity for seniors to say goodbye to each other and have some fun spending time together,” said Tracy Stokes, senior advisor.

There are multiple activities going on throughout the week.

Monday – The chalk festival will be held at the school. Seniors will eat hotdogs and chips before throwing chalk at each other.

“You’re probably going to want to plan on wearing clothes that can get dirty,” said Caden Probert, senior class president.

Tuesday – Support a school function day. A choir concert and multiple sports events will be going on, so go support the school.

Wednesday – Skating. Students can go to the Classic Skating roller skating rink for the night.

Thursday – Movie night on the field. The Greatest Showman will be played and seniors will be given treats.

Friday – First, the final assembly will be held, then seniors will be served breakfast in the cafeteria. Then, they will go to Weber State for graduation practice. Last, they will head back to Fremont for yearbook signing for as long as they want.

Saturday – Starting at 6:30, the Senior Cotillion begins. Students will be served Olive Garden, then dance until 11:00. The Senior video full of pictures of their high school years will be shown during it.

With all of the activities, seniors are bound to have fun. “[It’s] like a last get together every day of the week before we graduate and then maybe not see each other,” Probert said. Make sure to participate to make the best of the last weeks before school ends!

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