September’s Silverwolf of the month

Hosted by 2017-2018 Junior Class Officers

Berkley Larsen with parents Angie & Gary Larsen, nominated by Mr. Shupe.


Macy Parke, with family Aven & Liane Parke, nominated by Mr. Nash


Kelsey Horn, with parent Lori Horn, nominated by Mrs. Hansen.


Megan Terry, with parents Beverly & Spencer Terry, nominated by Mr. Denton.


Braxton Trujillo Jr., with parent Mary Trujillo, nominated by Mr. Clark.


Amy Lund, with parents Troy & Tricia Lund, nominated by Mr. Kap.


Gabe Drake, with parents Eric & Kate Drake, nominated by Mr. Arnold.


Jericho Hill, with parents Matt & Kathy Hill, nominated by Mr. Hinds.

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