Shooting for a great hunt

Shooting for a great hunt
Anna Hansen and her dad, Jason Hansen, show off their game after a day of hunting a few years ago. By: Brett Bradshaw

By: Jerra Fowers

UEA and Fall Break have come and gone, the freedom of having a couple of full days of school is past.  When you ask students what they did over these long breaks, you’ll get answers like hanging out with friends, spending time with family, or even doing homework. But for some students, you’re going get the answer “I went hunting.”

“I went, but didn’t kill anything,” stated Skylar Moffett. “We went hunting for elk, deer, and wolves.”

Scrolling through social media sites, you usually see the occasional selfie or 6-second vine, but on breaks like these, every other picture is one of friends holding up a dead deer.  Here at Fremont, bright orange and Camouflage becomes a fashion statement during this time of year.

“One year going hunting, we went with one of my dad’s friends named Brett,” said Anna Hansen, who is an experienced hunter. “My dad’s truck got stuck in some deep snow and my dad and Brett were contemplating how to get the truck out.”

“After many attempts and different ideas Brett had the idea of pouring gasoline around the tires to help melt the snow, my dad reminded him how stupid that was, but stepped aside and let him do it anyway. Long story short the truck started on fire, we doused the fire and got the truck out, and note that we did get the truck out, and it works just fine now.”

The Saturday of Fall Break is when deer and buck season began. Goose season began three days after on a Wednesday, adding more opportunities to get out into the wilderness.

“I think that as long as you eat what you hunt and not just kill for fun, then hunting is a great outdoor activity as long as it is done legally,” said Maddi Tenney, a sophomore at Fremont.

When some students are sitting at home doing nothing, these students are out in the wilderness with weapons in hand, searching for their next kill. Hunting has become a very popular hobby here at Fremont, a way for teens to walk through forests with guns in hand, enjoying new adventures.

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