Silverline keeps standards high

Silverline kills the competition at region and state competitions

From the dramatic makeup, to the matching outfits and hair styled the exact same way, inside and out, the drill team is a passionate group of girls.

“I’ve been dancing for 9 years, said senior Sarah May. “I’m passionate about drill because in this sport, one person can’t just pull all the weight, you are only as strong as your weakest link. You have to be your best so you don’t let your team down. You are with the girls so much you become a family and I would do anything for any of the girls.”

As a team, the girls spend a lot of time together and create a bond that is like a family.

“Being on the floor and getting to do what you love with 30 of your best friends is so fun,” said senior Jordan Haines. “We also always make super funny memories at all the late night practices and competitions.”

Photo: Mrs. Cevering

The girls show perfect uniformity placing them in 2nd place at the Region competition.

Being a drill team member can be a lot of fun, but with it comes a lot of dedication.

“It’s a lot of hard work and takes up a lot of your time. If it’s something you really want to do you will have to work hard for it because it won’t come easy,” May explained. “Silverline is held to high standards and have a high reputation because of the past girls on the team so you have to work very hard to keep it.”

Following in the last year teams footsteps, Silverline placed 2nd overall yet again in their Region competition and moved onto to State finals for the third time in history.

“My experience going to state was bittersweet because I was so happy we made it this far and how well we were doing,” May said.

In the state finals the team took 7th overall, recripcating last years standards high after they placed in the top 10.

“Being able to beat teams that we have always wanted to beat was such a high for all of us, and being able to do it together made it all the more amazing,” Haines said.

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