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Skills USA (the kids in the red jackets) is a club known for service projects like pulling weeds at the Nature Center and fun activities like bowling at Fat Cats. They also participate in competitions where students showcase their abilities and compete against students from other schools.

Skills USA competed at Salt Lake Community College on March 23-24.

“We had kids competing in t-shirt design, advertising design, promotional bulletin board design, photography, welding, modern sculpture and pin design,” said Montierth.

Nessa Ann, Skills USA member, competed in t-shirt design, in which she won third place. Her entry was a seagull with a mountain.

“We had a lot of kids place high. It was a pretty tough competition, ” Montierth added.

Brianna Watkins competed in pin design, who against fifteen other students,  placed sixth.
“We had six to nine minutes to present our pin design,” Watkins said.

Kinnli Brophy, Skills USA member, competed with her team in promotional bulletin board design and won third.

“You just basically create a bulletin board based upon your theme, and then you present it to the judges,”  Brophy said. “At the competitions, you tell them what your design is about, why you did it, what’s so important about it, that helps promote Skillsusa.”

Jayden Hess, Skills USA president, competed in advertising design. He placed fourth in state.

“For the competition itself, we have a technical challenge, to recreate an ad that was given to us,” Hess said. “Then we have a creative part where we design a logo for a company that they give us. A knowledge test that asks you your knowledge on the various skills that you’ve used for the competition.”

“It’s pretty incredible that Jayden got fourth, because that’s out of forty kids,” said Montierth.


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