Wolf Statue by Kaila Toledo

High school is a big event in a teenager’s life, however, it can be quite confusing when a student is first thrown into it. At Fremont High school, sophomores are the newbies when it comes to the street smarts of high school. While it seems chaotic, there are simple tricks and tips to make life easier.

  • Don’t stand in hallways. In between classes it can be fun to talk to friends, but “it’s a bigger school,” sophomore Elizabeth Heslop points out. Standing by the wolves can cause hundreds of students a delay to their classes.
  • Be careful in parking. Don’t take up more space than one spot. Since the school is crowded, the parking can be a free-for-all. Parking badly can ruin multiple students’ days.
  • Study. Do homework the night the teacher assigns it. While A days and B days are new and different, don’t procrastinate. It leads to late nights. An effective way to keep track of homework and classes is to use different planners for A and B days.
  • Major rule: stay out of the senior areas. “Don’t stand in the front at football games,” senior Madeline Witkowski warns. The seniors have designated areas for themselves, including the senior bench, the front row in football games, and the front middle section in the auditorium. Be patient, every year gets their turn.
  • Have fun. High school is the time to play, “enjoy it while you’re here,” advises Witkowski. It’s the time to be free.
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