Spring Activities

By Nicole Nitz

 Warmer Weather Activities

With spring coming up, you might be wondering what you can do in the warmer weather and over spring break in April. Here are a few ideas. 

This list contains things you can do alone or with friends and family. Unfortunately, spring break this year is only about a week long, from April 2-8, so you might not be able to do all of the activities, but this is definitely a few ideas you can think about!

For a fun day out, here are some places you can go. 

Classic Fun Center, which has roller skating and laser tag Monday-Friday from 10am-9pm, Saturday 12pm-12am, and closed sunday. This is a great option if you’re looking for semi-inexpensive activities that you can do with many people. Where pricing starts at $5.95 Monday-Thursday, and Friday-Saturday at $9.95 and rentals are only $3 for roller blades. 

The Gateway in Salt Lake is great for a fun movie day or go to the Planetarium which is open 10am-7pm, and is still quite inexpensive. The Planetarium for 3-4 hours is $6 per person, and pricing goes up to $12 for six or more hours.

Visiting an aquarium is a good option for both large and small groups of friends. If you want to visit the aquarium, SeaQuest Utah is in the Layton Hills Mall. Prices are a bit higher, starting at $16.99 for anyone 12+, but it is worth it for interactive exhibits with different kinds of animals and fish.

A super fun activity you can also do is an escape room. Prices can start anywhere from $25-$30 per person. Some escape rooms you can visit are Great Room Escape, Lost and Locked in, both are in Layton Utah.

Miniature golf is a less expensive option, and a few dollars can get anyone a few hours of fun. Typical prices for minigolf start at $5 per person to play 18 holes. Some places you could go are Toad’s Fun Zone, and Mini Golf Plaza. 

Have a fun day at a bowling alley (Ben lomond lanes) and Fat Cat’s

Ben lomond lanes is ogden utah and prices start during the day at $3.00 and then google up to $4.00 and shoes are $2.50 and they are open 9am-10pm Monday-Wednesday Thursday they are open until 11 and Friday and Saturday they are open until midnight this information can be found on Ben Lomond Lanes website. Fats Cats is also a good option located in Ogden Utah. Fat Cat’s also has an arcade and laser tag. bowling prices start for groups (1-3) people $12 per person per hour and groups of between (4-6)  people is $10 per person.

You can even plan to go see a concert. Coming to The Complex in Salt Lake City are ; Yola April 5th, April 7th LP (Laura Pergolizz) April 14th Dezel Curry, April 19th Jerry Cantell, and April 28th Ricardo Arjona. Some of these are after spring break, but it can give you something to do.You can find more information about this at thecomplexlexslc.com

Things you can do at home are…

Take a day to treat yourself and do your nails/hair make up etc. Take an online tour or do a movie marathon ( Harry potter on Peacock,Scream on HBOmax, and Hallmark movies are great options). 

Have a  board games night or a cheap dinner: you can have every one of your friends bring cheap dishes to share in a potluck. 

Activities that are special happening during the spring break that might pique your interest…

TedxStGeroge which is a Ted Ed talk expo where 13 people will come and talk. This event is scheduled on April 8th at 8pm at the amphitheater and tickets start at $45. 

Dixie Invitational Art Show, which is at Dixie State University Sears Art Museum is on April 2nd. 

These are just some of the things you can do over the warmer break with your friends, family, or, even by yourself.

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