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Nothing like watching a good competition, especially when it comes to theater. This is what the Utah High School Athletics Association (UHSSAA), also known as regions, is all about. This competition takes place each year at different schools in our region, Fremont is a 5A school which means we have the maximum amount of students. Which means we can only take around 24 , 4 per category.

“There are categories for one-act plays, which have a small or large ensemble as well as individual events such as scenes with 2-3 people, monologues, and pantomimes,” said Mrs. Christison, the new theatre teacher this year.

The one act this year will be The Sandbox by Edward Albee, this piece is under the absurdist category with a total of five members needed. Junior Becca Cope will be portraying the musician in this piece, “Although I have no lines I still create meaning through the music, my cello is literally my life,” said Cope.

There are certain requirements to be able to compete, “You have to have a certain grade-point-average, no F’s, and good attendance,” said Christison.

As well as one acts there are individual acts, that vary from humorous monologues to classical scenes. Sophomore Maleah Reynolds is performing a humorous monologue in the upcoming competition at Weber High School on Saturday March 25th. “I’ve really never tried humorous but turns out that i really enjoy it, i’m excited to perform because i love to perform so much,” said  Reynolds.

Even though regions are just two days long, it is from the butt crack of dawn to stunting stars of the evening.

“An acting competition prepares you for real life by teaching you skills such as overcoming stage fright, presenting your work confidently, and empathizing with others,” said Christison.

Allowing students to participate in regions creates a new viewpoint of an acting experience.

“Usually we only do one straight play and one musical each year, letting students prepare and present parts of other plays allows these amazing works to be shown even if we can’t do the whole show in the year,” said by Christison.

After all, new experiences help everyone improve.

“Regions are exciting and stressful all at once. Everyone has put so much work into their pieces, that makes it incredibly difficult to narrow down who goes. I wish i could take them all, I really do,” said Christison.


Photo: Madison Grissom
Tanner Sase practicing his puppet skills for the one act The Sandbox
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