There you are, anxiously engaged in the game and cheering loudly. Your is face covered in flaking blue paint and the Fremont head passes by. Fellow students all around are in the same situation because everyone has school spirit, and knows they are strong together as a pack.

Many students are involved in the 32 clubs and 17 sports teams Fremont has to offer. The clubs, and the people in them, are very diverse. But they all have one thing in common, and that is an appreciation for unity.

Daniel Razo, a junior on the Varsity wrestling team, says his favorite part of wrestling is the bus ride home.

“We pretty much have a party every time. The entire team is like a family.” he said.

Brady Spencer, a sophomore on the Varsity Cross Country team, also enjoys the unity of his team.

“I like the part at the end [of the race] when everybody is cheering for everybody,” he said.

Cheerleaders help raise excitement in the student body to increase team support as well as unify students with cheers and other events. Savannah Truman, a junior on the cheerleading squad, said that they have done more cheers this year than years previous.

“I feel like it’s helped and we’ve made a difference,” Truman said.aIMG_1633

Silverline and the theater club also increase team support and school unity.

“We like to support other teams–and theater!” Whitney Olson, Silverline senior officer enthusiastically said.

Jessie Carlson, vice president of the theater club, believes that what unites the theater club are “The inside jokes and performing on stage together.”

“And the makeout tree,” she added, laughing.

The theater club also makes contributions to assemblies, Kash 4 Kids and My School’s Cool.

Unity applies to more than just sports teams and clubs. Although students at Fremont are fantastically individual, they are all Silver Wolves. They are all part of the “team” and they all have school spirit.

“It makes our team like an actual pack,” Razo said.*

*Photo by Bailey Gard; Caption: Students cheer for and support fellow Silver Wolves at the Roy versus Fremont basketball game.

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