Student-directed One-acts

Coming up on March 8th and 9th, the theatre department will be hosting auditions for their student-directed one-act plays . They will be held after school in the shack. (Mrs. Obray’s classroom) No prior audition material will be needed. Auditions will consist of nonsense scenes and cold readings from various scripts. There may also be a few movement and characterization exercises.
There are 6 one act shows that students can be cast in.  Each show will either be part of A cast or B cast. A cast will perform on April 20-21 and B cast will perform on April 27-28.  The shows that are being produced include:

Cast A:
Funny Thing Happened On The Way To 5th Period
Directed by: Savannah Dabb

Directed by: Makenna Thompson

The One
Directed by: Tyler Archibald

Cast B
The Devil in Sherman Marsh
Directed by: Jaxon Franc

The Girl in the Red Hijab
Directed by: Jenny Stalder

Barbie And Ken
Directed by: Kenlie Argyle


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