Student struggle with parking

By: Jose Vega


You struggle when you see a car looking funny after being parked. People hate it when others park wrong and it makes it harder for them to park correctly.

Many vehicles are noticed right away if they are parked incorrectly. They have been forced to park bad due to another driver who didn’t take the time to adjust and make it easier for those farther down the line to park correctly. There are students who don’t pull all the way through the stall, which forces the other driver coming to either park in a different parking stall or park with their vehicle sticking out.

Students and other drivers need to take just a couple more seconds of their time to park correctly. It will not hurt you, even if you need to roll down your window to make sure you fit in perfectly in the stall. Students can improve the parking lot by just learning how to park correctly.

“If you’re a good parker, that’s all you need to learn,” Alan Chavez, a Fremont junior says. Please learn how to park to make it easier for others.

There are some students who park wrong because they are late to school. Students should be able to help each other out and park correctly.

At the beginning of the school year, Kaden Winter, a senior at Fremont, had his car hit by another Fremont student that was rushing in the parking lot. “A girl came in and T-Boned the side of my car,” said Winter.

Students who are careful when driving into the parking lot prevent accidents.

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