Success lies within the team

“The strength of this team is the experience that the players have, and their attitude,” coach Corey Melaney said about this seasons basketball team. He continues, “The players are no longer settling on just competing; they expect to win.”

The boys basketball team has continued the success of sporting programs at Fremont, and they currently have a record of six wins and two losses and coming of a five-game winning streak. The reason for this success lies within the team mentality. This season has been about the team, with 4 different top scorers in just 8 games.

“Experience is a big key for this team, many of the players played on this level as sophomores so they have been in the tough situations before,” coach Melaney continued with a smile, “they know how to handle them.”

The success of the team comes from the support from the Fremont fans. All sporting programs at Fremont have experienced an increase in the number of fans attending games compared to the last couple of seasons, and that has undoubtedly influenced the games.

“Fans get inside your head whether it’s positive or negative,” said Cayden Williams, a JV basketball player. “Therefore, the fans and the players on the sideline are so important in keeping the team hyped.”

More often than not, the team who can keep their cool, comes out victorious.

“The coaches talk a lot about mental strength and how important it is for everyone, to stay hyped and cheer each other on,” Williams said, “that way, everyone is ready to win.”

The past seasons have been tough for the team. However, with a good start to this season, the players are ready to put past disappointments behind them and look forward.

“We had an incident on the bus, before a game where someone on the bus spilled onions, so we all ended up smelling horrible,” Coach Melaney said. “We shot great that game because their players didn’t want to get close to our players so maybe we should do that again,” coach Melaney laughed.

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