Washington Redskins National Anthem Kneeling

NFL players kneeling during The National Anthem creates controversy across the board.

Recently, there’s been a seeming battle between President Trump and The National Football League. When Colin Kaepernick kneeled last year during the national anthem in protest of police brutality, none of his fellow players backed him. But now, players, coaches, and owners across many NFL teams have been taking a knee in supposed protest against Donald Trump.

This issue seems to be the hot controversy of the news lately, and it’s something everyone seems to have an opinion on.

I think, bare with me, the main issue people have with not standing during the national anthem isn’t about people protesting Trump. I think the issue is that a lot of people think of the American flag and The National Anthem as a symbol and tribute of veterans and active military members.

“I feel like it’s like you’re disrespecting the people who are fighting for your country, making it a free place,” said Senior Jackson Bideaux. “Yeah, you can have a problem with the president but that [The National Anthem] is a moment where you need to honor the people fighting for your country.”

With many patriotic people at Fremont, it’s hard to ignore the many flags flying all around our school and parking lot every day. Many students also have parents who have fought or are fighting for our country, when you take into account that Hill Air Force Base is near.

Although, both of my parents served. My mom fought in Desert Storm. And at the end of the day, to me, it’s just a peaceful protest.

Look at it this way: We’ve had violent rallies in our country over things like gay marriage, abortion, and yes, President Trump. There has been many times where protesting has gone outside of the means of the law.

In this case, though, no one is being hurt. It is completely within someone’s first amendment right to protest, and doing so is a great way for a people to show their displeasure.

By all means, I’m all ears if anyone wants to give another effective way of peaceful protesting. But citizens aren’t kneeling to make anyone mad, or offend anyone. They’re kneeling for a change.

So if someone can figure out a way to catch the attention of millions while making everyone happy, let me know, I’ll help you spread the word.

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