Teacher Quiz

Which teacher are you the most like? Keep track of your answers to find out!

If you could teach any subject besides your own, what would it be?
– French
– Economics
– Intro to Education
– Computer Programming

If you could have any pet, what would it be?
– Baby panda
– Sloth
– Trained therapy dog
– None

Who’s your go-to Mario Kart character?
– Baby Luigi
– Bowser
– Luigi
– Mario

What’s the weirdest food combo you like, or the weirdest food you dislike?
– Hate Hawaiian pizza
– Like watermelon and lime
– Like macaroni and homemade tomato sauce
– Hate tomatoes, but loves ketchup and salsa

What’s your favorite dessert?
– Chocolate-chip cookies
– Dutch oven peach cobbler
– Yellow cake with chocolate frosting
– Chocolate-chip cookie brownies

If you got mostly A’s, you’re most like Mr. Parra!
If you got mostly B’s, you’re most like Mr. Riley!
If you got mostly C’s, you’re most like Mrs. Swanson!
If you got mostly D’s, you’re most like Mr. Schupe!

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