The beats and the boys are back

Drumline continues to be a favorite of the student body


This phrase screamed over and over again is a common sound at any Fremont football game.  Thanks to our incredible Drumline, we get to lose our voices every weekend.  

Our Drumline consists of eight boys, who love to beat, tap, and drum on just about anything.

The boys never really stop practicing, in fact, throughout the entire interview they were drumming and twirling their sticks. They started practicing for this season last year. They continue to practice every single day to be ready for performances and competitions.

“It’s a whole lot of thinking,” said junior Max Lenzie, drumline captain. “One mistake definitely affects your score.”

The boys continue to impress with their performances during games, assemblies, and even after school in the commons.

“It’s just fun to jam out,” said senior Nevele Varble, bass four player.

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