The “Howl” on Fremont’s Literary Journal

The Howl Chronicles is full of creativity from our community, read to explore it!

The Howl Chronicles is a collection of works that students submit. If it’s something you’re interested in, The Howl Chronicles is an amazing opportunity to get your work out there for the community to enjoy. 

There are 8 editors, led by Ms. Guiver, an English teacher at Fremont. One of the editors, Katelyn Howes affirms that being an editor is a great experience, and a great way to contribute to your school, having done it for all 3 years of highschool.

People that are interested in being published in a book should submit their work by emailing or otherwise contacting Ms. Guiver. The Howl Chronicles accepts submissions of art, jewelry, poetry, photography, short stories, and ceramics. 

Through the selection process, editors thoroughly read through and make corrections to the written works. Next, a group of judges vote on those stories to narrow it down. After that, the editors vote on which ones should be featured in the book, and go through a lengthy process in which they analyze every aspect of the stories, and correct grammatical errors, format, word choice, etc.

If you aren’t chosen for this year’s edition, you may be selected for next year’s book, even if you’ve graduated. Recognizing the pain-staking effort of the artists who want to see their work published, most pieces of art are heavily considered. However, not everything makes it through. 

Presentation night for the book is planned for the officially published book on March 17th. The book will be cheaper to purchase on presentation night. However, students can support the school journal by purchasing an edition of the Howl Chronicles at the bookkeeper for less than $10. Copies go on sale at the beginning of 4th quarter!

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