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22 March 2019

The number on the jersey

The number on the jersey
Team huddle during timeout. Photo: Anna Wilson

It’s the final moments of the game, the team is down by one, the crowd is on their feet, and the energy that fills the room is almost tangible. #75 has been passed the ball, looks at the clock with five seconds remaining and shoots. The crowd holds their breath as the ball soars through the air. “swish” The crowd screams.  

“#75 scores a three pointer, Fremont wins!” shouts the announcer.

On a sports team, a players number represents who they are. When they step into the game they become their number.  

“I don’t like switching off numbers, I like people to know me by my number,” said Senior Nicole Allen, #13 on the soccer field, “so when they think of that number they think of me.”

Members of the crowd often write numbers on their face to support certain players and the announcers identify each player by their number. During games it’s hard to identify specific players from far away, that’s why a player’s number is so important.

“It was [my dad’s] favorite number, it was my brothers favorite number and it’s stuck with me ever since,” said Junior Saxton Morby, #2 on the basketball court.

Athlete’s choose their number for various reasons. It has meaning in their family, it’s the same as another athlete they admire, or simply because it’s easy to remember.

“It’s been my number since I started playing, it’s important to me because it’s quick and easy to remember,” said Junior Kaden Argyle, #5 on the basketball court, “It’s just a great number.”

Not every player’s number has as much meaning to them as it does to others, but for every player it’s a part of who they become when they step onto the field or court.

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