The Pack takes out the trash

By: Bailey Anderson


Students are thinking about their actions and the consequences of those actions, like what college they will attend, how their grades look. One of the actions that doesn’t make the list is littering out in the student parking lot.

“I hate [the trash],” Tempest Hiatt, a student at Fremont said. “It sucks walking out there when it’s full of people’s garbage. We should have garbage cans outside somewhere close to the parking lot. Maybe kids would start putting their trash in garbages instead of on the ground.”

Last Thursday, a student parked next to a truck spewing with melted ice-cream.  The ice-cream was melting on the hot pavement , and flowing under student’s cars, making messes in every direction.

The Maverick and McDonald’s messes are the most common that reappear daily. There are straw wrappers, random pieces of paper, cups, and Maverick food trays outside.

“Fremont needs garbage cans because I don’t want food in my car because it smells,” Georgia Giordano, another student at Fremont said. “I would like to throw it away somewhere.”

Fremont High School is all about school spirit, and if Fremont did get garbage cans, they could be painted blue, silver, and maroon to show representation of the school.

“I’m tired of getting into my friend’s garbage can,” Mr. Bakker, a student teacher at Fremont said. “When they give me a ride they just toss their trash over their shoulder, and I hate pushing aside the trash just to sit in their car.”

The next day student’s come back to school and the process happens all over again. They do not realize the clean state the parking lot is in. When lunch comes, they leave and the street is trashed as they return.

The trash in the school’s parking lot is a controllable situation.

“It takes way too long and it really shouldn’t be as bad as it is, but that’s just the way things go,” said Brandan Kapp, one of Fremont’s part-time janitors. “I go through one garbage bag a day, but mainly the parking lot takes up most of my time. Everything else I can get done pretty quick, but the parking lot and everything in it is what takes the longest.”

The administration has strong opinions about the trashy parking lot too. Mr. Shaw, an assistant principal, said that he feels bad because he cares for Fremont and his students, but the trash outside is becoming a problem.

“Realizing that for some reason, and I don’t always think it’s by accident, that trash ends up on the ground,” Shaw explained. “It’s pretty common to see a whole sack full of garbage, and piles of garbage where someone has emptied their car or truck out and just put it on the ground. It does not help Fremont be a better place when students do that. Anything that holds garbage and keeps it in a place until it can be disposed of properly would be a good thing.”


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