The toxic environment of PE class

The toxic environment of PE class

Gym class has become a class full ridicule and insecurity for some students. Why is that?

The smell of unwashed gym clothes is very unpleasant, to say the least. Some people might label that as the worst part of gym, or maybe it was having to run the mile in the cold. For others, it might be the harsh environment of gym class, and how the whispers and stares of students made gym the most uncomfortable class ever.

Throughout schooling years, gym has been a requirement. This leads to students of all athletic abilities attending classes together. Some students may be able to lift twice their body weight while others don’t know what that leg machine thingy does.

Usually, teachers will accommodate their workout plans to make it so everyone has a chance of getting an A.

“I like to make an effort to let all students know it’s based on personal progress, as far as what their personal goals are to get out of PE and what they’re doing to work towards those goals. I grade them based on participation,” said Coach Storey.

To get an A out of a PE class, all you have to do is try. And trying for unathletic students can mean missing a ball or running behind everyone. There is no reason to make fun of those people, as they are trying.

Sports get people riled up and competitive, almost unnecessarily. When a student is putting effort into a game and accidentally kicks a soccer ball illegally, don’t sigh heavily or yell. Rules for soccer, football, or almost any other sport aren’t common knowledge. Give them a break.

The whispers and laughs are hurtful, and can affect someone’s life more than you think. That insecurity pushed onto them in one class can follow into another. Gym becomes an uncomfortable subject. Class begins to be skipped, effort diminishes over time. It’s hard to put yourself in an uncomfortable situation and still try to prosper from it.

“I encourage students if that ever happens, or if they feel bullying ever taking place, that they come talk to me or another adult,” Storey said.

If you’re a student who ever thinks the whispers are about you, remember that gym class is always a temporary thing. You won’t have to deal with it forever. Just keep doing your best and get that A.

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