“This isn’t a convention. It’s a fricken party.”

“This isn’t a convention. It’s a fricken party.”

FFA students fly to Indianapolis for the 91st National FFA Convention

Students from around the nation all wake up in the early hours of the morning, eyes tired but hearts full of excitement. Blue corduroy jackets are folded up in luggage, tickets are ready for the concert just a few days away, and the planes are ready for takeoff. Goodbye Fremont, hello Indianapolis!

Seven students in the Fremont FFA chapter had the privilege to hit the road to the 91st National FFA Convention from October 24-27.

“It’s basically a giant competition of all the kids that got high rankings at state. It’s also leadership building,” says junior Carlee Wilson.

Junior Drake Wycherley and Junior Jaycee Bennet competed in the science fair with their agriculture mech systems (a welding project), and placed in the top eleven. Kylan Worden, a former Fremont student won their American Degree, which is one of the highest honors, and so they went to celebrate that as well. These won them their tickets to Indianapolis.

As the week went on, our chapter was able to travel around a bit, visiting Civil War museums, the Indianapolis speedway, and saw the Indy 500, and even went to Churchill Downs in Kentucky, where the Kentucky Derby takes place.

FFA students are able to benefit greatly from this experience by meeting others and building a better connection to their passion.

“You get to meet other people from all over the country, so it’s really cool to see how many people really are in the organization,” Wilson said. “And it’s really cool to see that every person in this organization has the same goal. It’s to pursue agriculture and to make sure that industry is thriving.”

Seeing just how many people are in FFA around the nation is very helpful to students here. Our chapter is considered small, and being able to experience the FFA organization as a whole might change perspective.

“I think it really helps us see that there is unity. And sometimes in this day and age it’s hard to see that. So that’s just a common goal that we’re all trying to reach. Even the smaller high schools. You don’t realize that the small high school chapter here is a part of something nationwide,” Wilson said.

Not only was the convention itself a hit, but the National FFA Convention organizers were able to get Garth Brooks, a country superstar, to play at a private concert for the students, and guessing from all the buzz, that was hands-down the best part.

“We were the fifth row back, so like right by the stage. Ned Ledoux opened, and then Garth Brooks was awesome because he’s an entertainer and a performer. At the end, they gave him his own Oklahoma FFA jacket and then a belt buckle.”

FFA members across the nation are still in shock about how good that concert was, and no one knows how they’re going to top that next year.

“This isn’t a convention. It’s a fricken party,” said Garth Brooks.

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