Through A Child’s Eyes

Through A Child’s Eyes

OGDEN- When the Silver Pups had an inadequate amount of chaperones to accompany the children, due to a shortage of available teachers, the early childhood education class was quick to save the day.

Each student was assigned to a Silver Pup and had a one-on-one experience with the children throughout the day. The Silver Pups were excited to go bowling and explore the treehouse museum in downtown Ogden.

“I think it went really well, everyone did what they were supposed to do and had fun,” said Christina Chadwick, Silver Pups teacher.

The museum featured all hands-on exhibits and areas for the children to play and experiment.

“It went great, I really liked to watch the kids run around and play,” said Senior JayCee Taylor, teacher’s aid.

“My Favorite was the T-Rex, I was hiding from him in the dinosaur eggs, and then I got to build my own king castle.” Silver pup Dante exclaimed.

“I fell asleep because climbing the stairs made me tired,” said Silver Pup Flynlee.

“I loved making food for my customers in the restaurant upstairs,” said Silver Pup Kelsey.

The day was a success, leaving many of the Silver Pups falling asleep on the way home.

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