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The struggle to find meaningful gifts at a cheap price has become increasingly difficult as the years go by.

The holiday season has arrived, and that means giving gifts. Whether it’s for your family or for friends, people expect others to give them and receive their gifts.

However, as the years go by, gift shopping becomes more and more expensive. There are multiple solutions to this problem.

  • Homemade gifts: DIY projects are all the rage now. It can be as simple as a keychain or necklace, or as complicated as a stand for their favorite items. And homemade gifts don’t have to be cheesy or artsy. “I just think they’re more personal, you’re actually giving a part of the person, not just something they bought,” says art teacher Michelle Montierth.
  • Food: Whether it’s a $20 bag of their favorite goodies or some homemade cookies, no one refuses food. Light someone’s day by giving them a gift that they will truly appreciate for as long as it lasts.
  • Pictures: Does your friend group have a really great selfie while you were hanging out? Print it out and frame it. “It’s really cheap and makes it more personal,” said junior Natalie Stoddard.
  • Hygiene: Hygiene isn’t just toothpaste, give your friends something they’re always asking for. Gum, mints, and lotion are a great idea, you never know when they’ll want it at school. “It seems like girls usually give lotion or fuzzy socks,” said junior Kendra Cragun.
  • Dollar Store: The dollar store is guaranteed to be cheap. There is always something cool and random there. You can even customize it. “I’ve heard of people getting just the cheap glasses at the dollar store and then etching the glass,” said Montierth.
  • Websites: There are multiple websites that allow you to browse for options under $10. “I find a lot of stuff on,” said Montierth.
  • Money: While it doesn’t take a lot of thought, no one has ever been disappointed to find cash in their gift. This way the your recipient is guaranteed to get something they want, since they can buy it themselves.
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