Unity and Victory for Girls Lacrosse

By:Asia Morris

The journey of the girls lacrosse team throughout the season creating forever memories, and how their friendship results in success.

Girl’s lacrosse requires field vision slowing down the game and maintaining focus, while having strategic thinking and teamwork. They need to anticipate opponents moves on the field, rushing for a space to secure the ball. Fremont Girls Lacrosse was captivating with its engaging and competitive atmosphere, as spectators found themselves unable to look away from the action on the field.

Slowing down the game can be a struggle for beginners but this season has started off on a high note. Coach Jones states, “Field vision has improved a great deal throughout the season. Most of our girls have been able to slow the game down in their heads and see much of what is going on.”

The impressive 13-2 win record of the Fremont Girls Lacrosse team is a statement to their unwavering dedication for the game. Mckaylee Sargent, who plays mid field adds, “I stay motivated during practice because I would rather gain success from it than play bad.”  With each victory the girls become more excited for their performance on the field, creating a tight team dynamic.

Burklee Heslop who is a defensive player on the team states, “I love them so much to the point where they are literally my family, this past game was senior night and it was really hard for me to think about the seniors leaving.”

Their remarkable teamwork has created friendships beyond the field taking their performance to new heights. Coach Jones states, “The girls hang out a lot together and that chemistry has been the key to our success this season.”

The girls built a welcoming future for lacrosse in the upcoming years, as there will be a shift due to the opening of the new school. Lacrosse has proved to be more competitive than ever. Fremont is the team to beat!

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