Volleyball girls hungry for a win

Volleyball girls hungry for a win
Jantzen Smith jumping up for the spike

Volleyball team looking to win next region game after hard losses.

School has started, which means sports have also begun. Of those, the girls volleyball team started their season two weeks ago. The team had two preseason games this past week which were both hard fought but had rocky endings. They first played Bingham, and then Bountiful later that week. During both games they came out a little slow but picked up the pace in the last sets.

“By the time we picked it up it was too late,” said captain of varsity, Jantzen Smith.

Although it may be just nerves, there could likely be other factors. Unlike some sports with high attendance rates, volleyball’s student section seems to fluctuate every year. Support definitely seems to help mentally so players end up performing better.

“It’s better to have support, I mean, your parents are great to come watch,” varsity player Rylee Boyle mentioned. “Having people there is fun, especially because we go to their games.”

Even though the season may not have started the way the girls expected, it has only made them more hungry for the win at their next games. Not winning is really just a learning moment for the team.

“It shows you what you can work on. So, go hard and work on that in practice, then your next game you go solid. You don’t want to lose again since you’re tired of losing,” said Smith.

Supporting our players really boosts player’s confidence. With the teams soon approaching region games, all are encouraged to attend.

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