Volleyball takes a loss against Bingham Miners

Fremont’s volleyball team fought hard against the Bingham Miners on Tuesday, but came up just short with a final score of 2 sets to 3.

The first set started off with a serve from Hoku Sagapolu, and Fremont took the first point of the game.

When it came to the first timeout of the game, called by Fremont, the score of the set was 8-15 for Bingham.

Then, minutes later, the score had changed to 13-16, and the second timeout was called by Bingham.

Many points and cheers later, the third and final timeout of the set was called by Fremont, the score 18-24.

The ball continued to move back and forth, and, after a few close calls, the set ended with a score of 18-25.

Bingham started off the second set, and the score quickly got to 2-1.

The first timeout of the set was called by Bingham, and the score was 6-1 for Fremont.

Through Bingham coach’s frustrations, Fremont came out on top when set two ended with a score of 25-6.

Haylee Doxey served the ball to start off the third set, both teams with one win.

Bingham scored the first point of the set, but Fremont got a point shortly after because of an illegal serve from Bingham.

The only time out of the set was called by Bingham at a score of 12-7.

Fremont ended up taking this set with a final score of 25-14.

During set four, Bingham served first and held a steady pace ahead of fremont.

The first time out was called by Fremont with a score of 8-15, and the second with a score of 15-24.

The set came to a close with a score of 15-25.

In set five, Bingham got the first serve, and there was a battle being fought by both teams.

Time out one was called by Fremont and held a score of 3-8. Then the second one shortly after, again by Fremont, with a score of 5-12.

A third time out was called by Bingham as Fremont closed in on the gap with a score of 7-12.

In the final moments of set five, the score was 13-14 when one of the officials said that a Bingham player had gone under the net, so Fremont got another point.

However, the other official disagreed, and after some debate, they just called it a jump, took the point from Fremont, and redid the play.

Bingham took the set point and won the fifth set 13-15, taking the game as a whole with 2 sets to 3.

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