Walking the red carpet

Walking the red carpet

The lights were hung, the carpet was rolled out, everyone wore their evening wear, and it was a party that was unforgettable. The theatre department hosted their annual dance, Theatre Winter Ball, this February.


“Theatre winter ball is a dance put on by the theatre department and it’s a really good opportunity for lots of theatre departments around our district get together,” explained Jenny Stalder, Theatre Council President. We invite schools and we all come together and dance and party and eat food.”


The council spent weeks planning for the event and many of those who attended had a great time.


“It was a huge success for the theatre department!” said Stalder. “It was super fun. Our decorations were phenomenal, it looked so good. We had lights everywhere, we had fruit drinks, and cream puffs. It was really fun, we had our red carpet in the middle and then we had a lot of people from other schools come. We partied hard.”


Many people attended the dance, even those from different schools.


“We had a lot of Weber kids show up and a few from other schools that we invited, a it was really good turn out,” said Junior Maddie Grissom.


The dance overall went very well and the council was very pleased with the results of their hard work.


“I liked it a lot,” said Junior Maleah Reynolds. “I think our theme was really good, we all had a blast. The music was bumping.”


The department holds this dance every year and he council recommends for anyone to attend.


“It’s just like any school dance except it’s free,” said Reynolds.


“And it’s with a bunch of theatre kids. We’re pretty fun. And we invite other schools so if you have friends from other schools and you want to meet up….,” suggested Grissom.

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