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22 March 2019

We Can Go The Distance

We Can Go The Distance
The Fremont girl’s varsity team celebrating their win (3rd place) , at Herriman’s grueling course. Photo Cred: Bev Terry (Alexis Terry, Shaylee Higley, Ryann Combe, Miranda Peterson, Bailey Winter, Jerra Fowers)

By: Jerra Fowers


Heart pumping, lungs burning, calves on fire, and a mile left to go. But there’s no giving up for this race- Fremont’s cross country is in it for the win. The team is having an amazing season this year, placing in almost all of their races as a team. With region now here, their many hill workouts could mean the difference between making state.

 How does a cross country team earn points or win a meet? Each runner in the the 5k race counts as one point. The objective is to have the least amount of points as a team. As one runner passes another, they take off more and more points for their team.

 The girls team is making their scores smaller and smaller each time, even improving personal times. They have set countless state records years ago, but haven’t won them recently. As a team, they are putting themselves in line for another state championship, and living the legacy once again.

”We are doing so well because we are closer as a team,” stated Miranda Peterson, a varsity runner on the team. “We are all one big family.”

 While watching the girls and boys run, you will notice them “pack it up,” meaning that all of them are running at the same pace, never leaving each other behind.

 “I think we have gotten better because we are starting to close gaps between each other, and working together,” said Joziah Billings, one of the boys captains.

“Hard work and dedication, that’s all I have to say,” stated Ethan Shaefer, another runner on the team.

 The cross country team works extremely hard each day to chase down goals they never thought were imaginable. If you know a runner from this amazing team, give them a pat on the back.


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