Prom Mock Up (2)

Updates on this year’s Junior Prom


Get ready for the corsages and matching ties, Junior Prom is coming up on March 17 in a “pinch”. People began asking out their dates just a couple days after the Winter Ball, but now the event is coming up close. Students are feeling the stress of getting a perfect dress.


But, the date of the event is beginning to be a little concerning to students. The dance will take place on March 17th, which is Saint Patrick’s Day. Worries about being pinched have turned students green with sickness. Is prom going to be all green and gold?


Luckily, the greenery has been denied. The theme for Junior Prom is planned to be Under the Stars, according to junior SBO Allyssa Holmes. Located at Weber State, the dance will have twinkling lights stranded to the ceiling, setting a romantic vibe to it all. No space and galaxy theme, this prom is going to more along the lines of an outdoor, candle-lit dinner.

Speaking of dinner, there are plenty of places for a dinner date before, or after the dance. Ranging from cute diners to work-extra-hours-to-eat-here. Some famous stops are the Pie Pizzeria, serving hearty and fresh pizza with a millenial vibe to the place, or Jake’s Over the Top who serves some of Weber State’s students favourite ice cream.

Some more ‘high end’ restaurants (at least for a college campus) are Cafe Villebella in Ogden, who serves coffee, sandwiches, and pastries with a comfy atmosphere, or Tona, a japanese restaurant serving sushi.

This prom is set on keeping love alive, what with the lights and atmosphere and location, it’s certainly going to be one to remember.

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