Who knew elbow-licking was a talent?

From rapping, to singing, to licking elbows, the 2018 talent show was not a show you’d want to miss. With eighteen groups, there was a wide variety of things to see on the stage. Some of the talents also included impressions, playing the piano, and poi balls, which is dancing with balls attached to strings and swung in rhythm.


“I actually auditioned as a joke and didn’t expect to be in the Talent Show, but when I looked at the list, I was pleasantly surprised,” revealed Mary Freston, who licked her own elbow.


The winners of the show weren’t announced until PackTV unlike in years passed when they did it at the assembly.


“The secretaries in the main office judged this year! Although I’m not sure if there were more than just them,” said SBO, Ashton Andrew.


The winners were Ashton Andrew and Ben Hickenlooper. Hickenlooper played the piano while he and Ashton sang “Japanese Denim” by Daniel Caesar.


“When Ben told me we had won, I didn’t believe him at first haha! But it felt so awesome to be a part of something that I love to do and to do it with Ben,” Andrew said.


The talents were chosen by the Student Body Officers through an audition process.


“Anyone can try out, and after you try out, officers pick the acts or performances that the whole student body would enjoy the most!” Andrew said.


Even with the pressure being a little high, the performers still enjoyed the atmosphere and supporting each other.


“It was actually a really close environment. Everyone was really nice to each other and cheering each other on, it was actually really sweet. A lot of sportsmanship, ” said Freston. “I like having a place where students with all sorts of talents can showcase it to the rest of their peers,” said Freston.


“We encourage everyone to tryout because everyone’s talents are so unique and so awesome!” Andrew said.

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