Winter Attractions

Winter Attractions
The exciting ice castles with stellar views outside but inside them is where the magic happens

The winter attractions and activities available to the public during the holiday season.

Winter is upon us, with freezing temperatures it sure does feel like it even though there is no snow on the ground. For many people there is an excitement with winter being here, it means that up goes the christmas lights for everyone and other fun sights to see that are only available during the winter months.


If you’re just ready to see all the Christmas lights and have a lot of holiday cheer then Temple Square is for you. Where you can walk around in the heart of Salt Lake City and see all lights with people from around the state.

But if walking isn’t really your forte then you could take a drive through Willard Bays light course. That way you can stay warm and cozy in the comforts of your car.

Another amazing light display is the tree of life in Draper City Park which features a tree totally lit up from every branch. This spectacle alone is enough to light up the whole park and change how you view christmas tree lights forever.


One stop you must make this winter is to the ice castles located in Midway. They are truly a work of art and take weeks to create. It is a fairly busy place so buying your tickets from their website in advance to your visit is recommended.

Last but not least you can go ice skating in up in the middle of salt lake on a well-maintained ice sheet. Not only is it a fun way to kill a couple of hours but also afterward you can grab some warm hot chocolate or coffee. Go out and explore the many exciting places that Utah has to offer.

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