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Hairspray live a huge success

        Imagine a 10-year-old boy with the blondest hair, late at night in his basement. He is standing in front of his television learning the dance moves and lyrics to a Broadway classic called Hair Spray. The 10-year-old boy was me. Yes, me.

If someone who watched the Hairspray movie that came out in 2007 were to watch the 1988 one for the very first time they would be very confused. I sure was.

For one, Amber’s mom does not work at the television station. Second, her dad is still alive.In the 2007 Hair Spray, he “mysteriously” died from suffocation (pretty sure Amber’s mom killed him). On the live Hairspray he is also not alive, and if he is he’s not shown

In the first Hairspray, Amber and Link are not dating whatsoever. Tracy and Link are dating for more than half of the movie. One HUGE difference is that there is very little singing, and the one or two songs that there are, are not sang by the main characters. I was very SHOOK.

Hairspray live was like the 1988 Hairspray and the 2007 Hairspray had a baby but the 2007 Hairspray had the more dominant genes.

In my professional opinion, Garrett Clayton, who played Link Larkin, is 10,000 better and more attractive than Zac Efron who was Link Larkin in the 2007 movie.

Another thing that is different about the live Hairspray, and the 1988 Hairspray is that it’s called the Auto Show, but in the 2007 and live Hairspray it’s called The Teenage Miss Hairspray.

Overall the singing, dancing, and acting was really well done, since it was live there was sometimes that when they were on the streets that their microphone would not work for a little while or that the actors just need to take a breather from all the moving and singing.

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Photo Credit: Tyler Bell Penny Pingleton, and Seaweed J. Stubbs being confronted by Penny’s mom after they kissed on nation television.


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