About Us

The Paw Print staff consists of only the highest caliber students who have and/or develop a love of journalism and wish to be a part of the Fremont High School legacy.

Our staff are chosen from the Journalism I students who have shown dedication and have proven to be self-sufficient workers.  The candidates must have completed at least 1 quarter of Journalism I with a B or better. Candidates must also either have above average writing capabilities, or have experience in one of several other skills including but not limited to:

  • photography
  • advertisement
  • digital media/design

Being on a high school newspaper staff has many benefits.  One of the greatest benefits is how it will help you with college admissions and scholarships.  Long-term staffers show that they have the dedication and perseverance colleges and scholarship donors are looking for in their candidates. Most college applications ask whether or not the applicant has been on a school newspaper or year book staff.  Several of the local universities have many scholarships/tuition waivers/jobs specifically for journalism students.  High school newspaper staff are sent to the top of the list when being considered for these benefits.

Contact Us:
1900 N 4700 W
Ogden, Utah 84404

(801) 452-4869


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