ACT after school prep class


Juniors get one free ACT test every year.  There’s a class you can take after school to study for this test. It cost ten dollars to the bookkeeper and is due on February 8th. Here’s what to expect from this class.


First two days are English and the third and fourth days are Reading

     1. The first/third day agenda

  • Grammar ideas
  • Style ideas
  • Tips to get through the test
  • Practice ACT

     2. The second/fourth day agenda

  • Go through more tips
  • Take a second practice test

Science-Van Ark

Science is only one day

  • Science portion isn’t a whole lot of facts, it’s critical thinking
  • Looking a data, and analyzing
  • Reading graphs


Math portion is two days

     1. First day agenda

  • What you can have on the test
  • What calculators is allowed vs what’s not
  • The different types of math
  • How much of each kind to expect

     2. Second day agenda 

  • Solving different problems
  • Practice test
  • Talk about your answers
  • Go over questions
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End of Semester Essentials


Tips to relieve end of semester stress


The end of a semester is stressful whether you are a sophomore, junior, college kid, or teacher. There’s always something to do and not enough time to do it. However, there are many ways to relieve that stress, and some are more simple than others.

  • Get a planner. While it can be at first overwhelming to see all that you have to do, planners can help you keep track of time and projects.
  • Get the work done. Many times stress is self-inflicted as people forget or don’t do their work. It’s simple. “Don’t procrastinate,” says junior Shannon Lynch.
  • Eat healthy. While it’s nice to try to drown your sorrows in donuts and chips, it will make you feel worse in the long run. “It’ll make you feel good inside and mentally, so eat a salad,” said SBO Bryson Mumford.
  • Sleep. Make sure you’re awake and ready to go for your next day. Take a nap every once in awhile, but make sure to limit your time. Caffeine can be a good pick-me-up, but sleep is what will do it for you.
  • Wear nice clothes. Hoodies and sweats will make you feel comfortable for the whole day, but will bog your mind and make your brain slow down as it relaxes. Wearing nice clothes can stimulate your brain and help you focus.
  • Physical activity. It may seem like a horrible idea to anyone considering it, but physical activity does help you focus. Going on a walk or doing something aerobic can make someone feel extremely focused and energetic after the activity.
  • Keep school supplies. It’s never a pleasant feeling to go to a class and realize you don’t have a pencil or paper. “It’s another little thing you have to worry about,” said Mumford.
  • Plan. Once this semester ends, the school year isn’t over. You have to mentally and physically prepare for the next semester. Make sure you’ve got all of your supplies and homework prepared.
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Ice Cream with pollution on top


Snow treats could be slightly dangerous as pollution rises.


Plain City might not be having a lot of it, but snow is very common during winter. Many children use it for snowball fights and fun afternoons, that isn’t the only thing it’s used for. Snow is a very popular treat.


It’s a fact, almost everyone has eaten snow at some point in their life. Many students and adults continue to eat it.


“They’ll make snow cones on the tops of mountains,” said health teacher Aimee Sauvageau.


However, some people are concerned when it comes to eating snow. It isn’t just the dangers of what could be lying underneath or the dirt mixed in with the snow, it’s pollution.


As temperatures drop, water begins to condense and freeze in the atmosphere. Since pollution is also in the atmosphere, the snow will from with a mix of water and other chemicals. These chemicals in their pure and concentrated form are dangerous to humans.


Although it is dangerous, many scientists agree that the percentage of chemicals in the snow is not harmful to humans. It’s well within the safety limits.


“I would say breathing the running air is worse than actually eating snow,” said Sauvageau.


While the snow itself isn’t actually dangerous, people still need to be careful while eating the crystals.


“Don’t eat yellow snow, don’t eat red snow. Only eat snow that just barely fell,” said  Madeline Witkowski, member of the ski and snowboard club.

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Cleveland chiefs remove Chief Wahoo from jersey’s


The Cleveland Indians have announced that they will be removing the Chief Wahoo logo from their jerseys. The reason the logo is being removed is it is deemed as racist to Native Americans.

“Major League Baseball is committed to building a culture of diversity and inclusion throughout the game,” Rob Manfred an MLB Commissioner said in a statement. He said the logo “is no longer appropriate for on-field use.”

Many protesters also want to take it further and remove the phrase “Indian” from the name. Protesters believe that the name will still bring headdresses and paint their face red, these actions contradict what Cleveland is trying to accomplish.

Along with the Indians the Washington Redskins are under attack for the same reason, they believe that the teams logo and name is racist and should be changed in respect for Native Americans.

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Winter Attractions


The winter attractions and activities available to the public during the holiday season.

Winter is upon us, with freezing temperatures it sure does feel like it even though there is no snow on the ground. For many people there is an excitement with winter being here, it means that up goes the christmas lights for everyone and other fun sights to see that are only available during the winter months.


If you’re just ready to see all the Christmas lights and have a lot of holiday cheer then Temple Square is for you. Where you can walk around in the heart of Salt Lake City and see all lights with people from around the state.

But if walking isn’t really your forte then you could take a drive through Willard Bays light course. That way you can stay warm and cozy in the comforts of your car.

Another amazing light display is the tree of life in Draper City Park which features a tree totally lit up from every branch. This spectacle alone is enough to light up the whole park and change how you view christmas tree lights forever.


One stop you must make this winter is to the ice castles located in Midway. They are truly a work of art and take weeks to create. It is a fairly busy place so buying your tickets from their website in advance to your visit is recommended.

Last but not least you can go ice skating in up in the middle of salt lake on a well-maintained ice sheet. Not only is it a fun way to kill a couple of hours but also afterward you can grab some warm hot chocolate or coffee. Go out and explore the many exciting places that Utah has to offer.

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Online Spree


Black Friday recently just happened, as usual it was a craze with tons of in store riots. If you are into staying up a couple of nights before camping outside of the store, researching the deals that stores claim are specific for that day. But, if getting into fights over shoes or stampeding into a store the second it open, almost getting trampled excites you then by all means do your thing.

For those that would don’t like to leave their house and would rather peacefully sit scrolling on their computer looking for deal sipping on hot coco, Cyber Monday is the day prime day for you to shop for amazing deals online. This year is the first ever that more money was made online than in actual stores.


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FCC repeals Net Neutrality rules

ajit pai, more like a shit pai amirite

Imagine having the restrictions of the school Wi-Fi filter in your own house. Now, don’t imagine it because it’s about to become a reality. Yesterday the Chairman of the FCC Ajit Pai orchestrated the vote for the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) to repeal the existing Net Neutrality rules, which protects consumers from Internet Providers from blocking or slowing down your internet traffic. The rules from 2015 were repealed in a 3 – 2 vote.  New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman as well as the Attorney Generals of other states and The Free Press Action Fund are suing the FCC for: the basis of its broken process, deeply flawed legal reasoning, willful rejection of evidence that contradicts its preordained conclusions, and absolute disregard for public input. Another option to protect Net Neutrality. is the Congressional Review Act. With this law, Congress may block an agencies decision by passing a vote of disapproval in both chambers of Congress. Only 30 Senators are need to sign a petition to force a vote. If you disagree with the repeal of Net Neutrality you can text “RESIST” 50409 or go to You can also call your senators, Mike Lee and Orrin Hatch by calling 202-225-3121 and an operator will connect you to their offices.

The battle to protect the internet is far from over.

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I scream for turkey


Many rumors circulate about the Thanksgiving poultry.

Turkey has been the staple food for Thanksgiving since Abraham Lincoln declared it a national holiday. It has been eaten on all holidays, including Christmas. The bird has been a popular animal for Americans, even earning the title of being “more respectable than the Bald Eagle,” by Benjamin Franklin. However, there are many myths floating about the poultry.

Turkey equals tradition,” said junior Kaila Toledo. Approximately 46 million turkeys are eaten on Thanksgiving, according to the University of Illinois.

Eating turkey on holidays has been around for years, with the pilgrims eating it on Thanksgiving in 1621. There is discrepancy between what dishes the pilgrims ate at the first feast,  but it is known that they ate turkey.

Turkey is a popular choice of food on Thanksgiving, 74% of students enjoy it. “It tastes good with potatoes,” said junior Madelyn Smith.

Many people are wary, however, of stuffing themselves of the bird. A popular rumor is that the poultry can easily put people to sleep. While technically true, there are many other factors at play.

Turkey contains the chemical tryptophan, which releases hormones that induce sleep. However, it does not contain an abnormal amount compared to other meats and poultries.It’s the heaps of carbohydrates that are the cause of the problem. Carbs trigger the release of insulin, which eats away amino acids, leaving a path for the tryptophan to do its work.

While some people may not enjoy turkey, it has been a popular choice for holidays for centuries. Many rumors float about the famous bird, but it hasn’t stopped the demand for them, yet.


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Over two dozen killed in Texas shooting


This last Sunday, in Sutherland Springs, Texas,  just outside of San Antonio, more than two dozen people were killed in a mass church shooting.  The shooter was killed by two men who lived near the church where it happened.  The shooter had a long list of troubling episodes the last few years of his life, including an escape from a mental health facility, in 2012, after being caught on an air force base attempting to carry out death threats.

To learn more information on the shooting, Click here.

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