Roylies, out of business and out of the country


Many of the students were angry and confused when they found out the owners of Roylies were going to be deported after their visas were denied. A claim was made they never attended a meeting they did attend, but there was nothing to prove it.

“I am really upset about it… I don’t think it is fair that they had to leave our community and I for one, will miss them,” senior Savannah Dabb said, when she heard about their departure.

Many of the students from Fremont loved the cafe.

“I felt really bad for them. They were really nice to us!” said senior, Mckenna Thompson.

When someone would walk in, they loved the feel of how homey it was. The walls were covered with Fremont shirts. They catered some events. They wanted to be a part of the school.

“It was cool to see that they were proud to be in the same community as us,” Dabb said.

Roylies was only three minutes away from the school, and as many students know theres very few choices for food close by except for Maverick. At Roylies, there was a wide variety to choose from like soup, sandwiches, ice cream, sodas, etc.

“I got this turkey avocado sandwich and it was really good.” Thompson said.

When the owners were told they only had thirty days left in the country, the community and students rallied around to try to help in an attempt to help save the eatery by holding a “Save Roylies!” campaign. Those in the community were asked to help write letters to appeal to the government, along with asking supporters to come eat there as often as possible. There was even an ice cream social held.

“They really cared about everyone who came in through their doors,” Dabb said.

Even though it was a good attempt, Roylies was permanently closed this last July and the owners were deported and moved back to England. There are students who regret not knowing about the attempts and they wished they could have helped.

“I wish I would have known about it when everyone was trying to save it,” Thompson said.

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New “concussion pill” to be released in 2025

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With backlash in recent years for CTE, many of medical professionals are searching for a treatment, and they may have finally found one. Doctor William Korinek of Astrocyte Pharmaceuticals recently spoke on a new “concussion pill’ that could be coming out in 2025. The pill is meant directly for football players, specifically ones in the NFL.

This pill, now in it’s animal testing phase, could speed up recovery and and ease long term brain damage. While scepticism is heavy, hopes are also high in the football community.

For more information:

Credit: By Boston University Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy –, CC BY-SA 4.0,
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Fires in Weber County Threatening Homes and Wildlife


Two fires in Weber County erupted on Tuesday, threatening people’s homes and businesses

Yesterday morning, two fires were started in Weber County, one in Ogden and one in the Weber Canyon. As of this morning, only 5% of the fire in the canyon has been contained, while many people continue to lose their homes.

Evacuees were advised to report to the Dee Events Center to get help from the Red Cross as well as have shelter while the fire is near their homes. Multiple buildings and homes have been affected.

The fire did not grow overnight, but the fire crews hope to have the it completely contained today.

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Police find 15-year old kidnapping victim

Cummings arrested after cross-country chase

50-year old teacher, Tad Cummings is accused of kidnapping former student, 15-year old Elizabeth Thomas in Tennessee. Cummings and Thomas reportedly had a personal relationship, as they were seen by another student, kissing at the school. Some have speculated that Thomas went willingly, however comments she made to family and coworkers, suggest otherwise. This illustrates why it can be dangerous for students to get involved with teachers on a personal level. If a relationship is “meant to be” it can wait until the minor is an adult, and no longer a student.

Police tracked Cummings’ vehicle to northern California. They verified the VIN to confirm that it was, in fact, Cummings’ vehicle. According to resources at ABC News, authorities arrested Cummings on April 20. This is more than a month after the kidnapping took place. Before arresting him, police surrounded his cabin and maintained overnight surveillance.

“I’m glad this is over.” Said Cummings after being arrested.

Thomas’ family was anxious to have her back. Their biggest concern is for her health, both mental and physical.

“She has lost some weight for sure,” said her father, Anthony Thomas. “He had not been feeding her….She said they had been eating flowers and things,” added Thomas.

Cummings faces multiple charges from various agencies. In California, they include kidnapping and other charges. In Tennessee, he is charged with aggravated kidnapping and sexual contact with a minor. The U.S. State Attorney’s Office has filed federal charges against Cummings, for transporting a minor across state lines with the intent of having criminal sexual intercourse. The mandatory minimum sentence for the federal charges is ten years in prison.

Photo: CNN Cummins and Elizabeth stayed in one of these cabins in Cecilville, California, this week, the property's caretaker told CNN affiliate KOBI.
Photo: CNN
Cummins and Elizabeth stayed in one of these cabins in Cecilville, California, this week, the property’s caretaker told CNN affiliate KOBI.
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Three steps to a new ear

Rib cartilage helps restore man’s hearing

In 2015, a man in China, named Mr. Ji, [first name and age withheld to protect his privacy] was in a terrible car crash. The right side of his face was severely damaged. His right ear was torn off.

After several surgeries, most of the injuries to his face were repaired, everything except his ear. The damage had been too severe to allow doctors to repair the ear.

[Without the ear] “I am not complete,” Ji told China News.

Doctors are working to grow human organs and body parts for patients who have either lost, or never had, those parts. One of those parts is the ear. Researchers have been working on this technology since the 1990s, when cow tissue was used to grow an ear on the back of a rat. Now doctors can use the patient’s own body to grow the part. According to Fox News, this is done in a three-step process which requires several months to complete. It was not possible to do this where his ear used to be, because there was too much scar tissue.

First, the skin must be expanded. This is done by putting a skin expander under the skin, and then filling the area with water. In Ji’s case, this was done on his forearm.

Second, cartilage from Ji’s ribs was shaped like an ear. Then it is implanted under the expanded skin, and left to grow for about three months before being transplanted. The ear is adjusted and shaped to look like an ear, and to fit properly.

The third and final stage of this procedure is to attach the new ear to his head. The plastic surgeon who performed the surgery was Dr. Guo Shuzhong, who also did the first face transplant in 2006. According to Guo, the hour-long operation was hard, because they had to position the ear so that it could get enough blood flow to function properly.

Ji’s surgery was successful, and he is expected to make a full recovery. That includes being able to hear out of his new ear.

Photo: China Daily / Reuters The ear that was growing on his arm
Photo: China Daily / Reuters
The ear that was growing on his arm


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AP Scores


The ins and outs of getting your AP scores.

As the 2016-17 school years comes to an end, our AP students have been working hard, and testing harder. Following there tests, the exams will be sent to Florida and will be graded by a panel of teachers. Students should expect to receive their scores by the beginning of July, although the exact date may vary based on the type of test you are taking.  To find out when your scores will be posted or to check what score you have received click the link below.


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From .08 to .05 real quick

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Utah changes liquor laws

Two major bills were recently passed by Utah lawmakers. The first is that they must have what is called a “Zion Curtain,” which requires restaurants that serve alcohol to have a 10-foot buffer between the bar and where minors are allowed. The restaurant also has the option to build a 42-inch high wall or railing.

“What this bill does is establish parameters under which restaurants can operate and keep children away from alcohol,” said Senator Jerry Stevenson, in an interview with The Salt Lake Tribune. “It keeps kids away from the bars and the mixing area and works to prevent over consumption by patrons.”

The second is to reduce the blood alcohol content for drivers to .05 percent, which was previously at .08 percent.

Herbert and many others believe that this new law will help keep people safer on the roads, specifically on highways. Others have argued that it will hurt tourism in the state.

Although there has been a change to the blood alcohol content percent, the drinking age has not changed, it’s still 21.

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Saving the Bees

Screenshot 2017-04-24 at 8.21.21 AM

The bee population is declining rapidly, and Cheerios are trying to help bring back them back

Recently, Cheerios has been manufacturing and selling boxes of Cheerios, missing their mascot, Buzz the Bee. They claimed the hashtag #BringBackTheBees and redirected buyers to their website, where they gave the option for their buyers to order free packets of wildflower seeds that were coordinated with their regions.

The hashtag and their website blew up and tons of people ordered wildflowers to plant in their regions. Now, according to their website, they exceeded their goal of giving out 100 Million wildflower seeds by ten times – selling 1.5 Billion seeds all together – and are all out.

If people continue to help save the bees like this, then there is the possibility that the bee population will stop declining.


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Customs Detains Retired Cop

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Hassan Aden, a former police chief, was detained after celebrating his mother’s 80th birthday. 

Hassan Aden travels quite frequently, but this flight was different. On the way home from his first international flight to France led him to being detained for an hour and a half because he was traveling alone.


Aden flew to France to celebrate his mother’s 80th birthday. When heading back home he was taken by a Custom and Border Protection officer at the JFK International Airport. When boarding his flight the officer asked if he traveled alone. He told the officer yes, and then he was taken into detainment and was interviewed.

Photo: CNN

Aden is a retired officer and was taken into detainment even with  the correct paperwork. Making Aden question his own citizenship reported by CNN

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The next Einstein

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404 Einstein’s introduce a $10,000 reward for an world changing invention


Guinness world records are broken all the time, but some are unexpected. Tuesday had Toronto surprised when 404 people were found dressed like Einstein. This beat the last record by about 90 people. This wasn’t about the record, it was all about the money.


This surprise was about introducing a competition. The world needs a life saving invention and that’s what this competition is all about. Who will be “The next Einstein?” Whoever is the next Einstein will get $10,000. So profit from both your invention and the competition. Doesn’t get better than that.


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