The Sterling Scholars of 2024

“The sterling scholar program is run by the district and is an academic competition for graduating students.” Mrs. Shulz says. 

Fremont’s Sterling Scholars Picture
Photo Taken By: Mrs. Hall

Every year around 14 students get selected to be a sterling scholar. This year Fremont has selected only 13 sterling scholars. The scholars this year are all seniors there names are James Bee, Austin Simmons, Carter Roylance, Braden Poll, Emma Barnes, Lucy Maag, Brynlee Stephens, Sarah McBride, Kaityln Hull, Ryan Kuchenmeister, Jesse Haws, Cooper Jolley, and Maddie Hadley. 

Each student goes through a process in which they get interviewed and judged based off of their ACT scores, grades, and interview process. Each student competes in a different category. The categories they compete in are ones that they are successful in. 

“Every department has different criteria for selecting their sterling scholar. They will focus on classes and successes the student has achieved, within that field of study.” Mrs. Shulz, a director for Fremont’s sterling scholars claims. 

Being a sterling scholar gives you great opportunities for the future. For example it’s an amazing thing to put on a resume and use to get college scholarships. 

Mrs. Shulz elaborates on the subject saying how being a sterling scholar can be beneficial for future college students. 

Cooper Jolley the sterling scholar for business and marketing says, “This helps me apply business principles to my life as a teenager but also build a base for college and my future.”

Every person in their category goes through different processes based on their category. For example the dance category will present a dance piece the student will perform. While in the business and marketing category they will present a portfolio of the awards and experience that student has. 

The following students made it into the semi finals: Braden Poll-Visual Arts, Jess Haws-Social Studies, Sarah McBride-Performing Arts, Lucy Maag-FACS, Brynlee Stephens-English, Maddie Hadley-Dance, Cooper Jolley-Business and Marketing.  

“Putting this on a resume being chosen for sterling scholar is a big benefit.” Cooper Jolley claimed. After the scholars are elected in their high school they will go onto what is called Semi-finals. In the Semi-Finals the students now have opportunities to possibly earn scholarships. 

Mrs. Schulz explains the benefits. “This gives you opportunities for a scholarship depending on how high you go in the competition.”

Brynlee Stephens, the sterling scholar for the English category made it into the finalists. 

Byrnlee Stephens says, “I have been able to receive a 500 dollar scholarship for my freshman year of college.” 

The sterling scholars don’t just end up being successful in their category but they also enjoy what subject they have chosen. 

“I wanted to be able to show my love and passion for this subject.” Brynlee Stephens claims. 

By finding something you love to do and being rewarded for it, is a great accomplishment for all of the sterling scholars this year at fremont. 

Overall we congratulate all of the sterling scholars who made it into the semifinals, and the finals. 

What a great year of sterling scholars at Fremont High school. 

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