Ready, Set, Prostart!

Prostart is a two year advanced culinary class that not only gives you practical cooking skills, but also a good sense of community. 

This two year program puts students in realistic situations that are influenced by the restaurant industry.  This includes learning about “front of the house”, “back of the house” employees and different cooking techniques. Ms. Wilson, the prostart advisor, says “We learn about all different kinds of food preparation, so we do a lot of cooking with different meats and learn how to make different types of dessert.”

What makes prostart different from other programs is that it doesn’t stop in the classroom. Students participate in catering, this includes Silverwolf of the Month luncheons, Fun Food Frenzy, and even making lunches for counselors 

Even if you don’t want to go into the restaurant industry but still want to take a cooking class don’t exclude Prostart. The classes tend to run smaller which creates a close connection to your peers. Students laugh and joke with one another, creating an environment which guarantees the food will be made with love. 

As a recent in class example, the students were tasked with creating a dish with the inclusion of bacon being mandatory. Instead of dividing into their usual groups they were shuffled with the purpose of getting outside their comfort zones.  

Students were graded with the only major guideline being “get creative!” They quickly adapted to their new partners and scrambled for ingredients. 

Recipes included donuts, cupcakes, pancakes with handmade icing, and stuffed chicken.  The dishes they came up with were definitely gourmet dishes, and in the humble opinion of this writer, they were on par with a Michelin star restaurant (not that I’ve ever eaten at one). 

This class isn’t just a cooking class, it’s a highly skilled workshop where they are gaining skills that these students will be able to use and enjoy for the rest of their lives.   

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