Speak: Green and Red; Colors of Fremont’s Dating Life

By: Kennedi Canova and Bri Painter

Teenagers are almost always thinking about dating in high school and in the future. Various thoughts and experiences of green and red flags come to mind for multiple Fremont students. 

“When guys treat their mom well.” Zoey Hartley, a Junior at Fremont expresses as a green flag. 

Although there are many green flags displayed by Fremont students, most people tend to focus more on the red flags. 

Ryder Smith, a sophomore this year at Fremont says, “You know a red flag is when she has a bunch of guy friends.” 

Everyone’s point of view on red flags are different, especially with girls and boys. People can see each other differently especially if you are not into the same type of interests.
“I think a red flag is when they are different around their friends than they are with you.” Austin Patterson a Junior at Fremont states. 

Austin Patterson

Cannon Hill, another junior this year, shares his red flag experience with a girl he was  talking to. 

“If she likes Taylor Swift, huge red flag. Especially since I’m a Kanye fan.” This follows the lines of also finding someone that has the same interests that you do. 

While students have a lot to share, even teachers have interesting experiences with green and red flags. 

Ms. Foutz, the Fremont dance and yoga teacher, shared her biggest red flag experience. 

“A guy I dated a while ago had a really good memory, maybe photographic, he was just really good at remembering numbers. He would memorize his customers’ credit card numbers, just in his head, and use their money to buy Chick-fil-a.” 

It’s insane how red flags can consist of something small like having one too many guy friends to stealing credit card numbers. 

Carley Wilkie, a seminary teacher tells a story about a date she went on. 

“So I was in Provo, and we went on this date to Panda Express. Once we got there he said, “Do you wanna share a meal?” I was like are you kidding me right now, but of course I had to say sure. We go and sit down then he eats most of it and he says, “Oh by the way did you wanna pay half?” RED Flag.” 

So red flags could be something like asking to share a $10 meal, eating half and then asking your date to pay for half of it. 

Ms. Wilkie

Even when his friends tag along a date could be symbolized as a red flag. 

“When we got there all of his friends were there, and I think he was just using me to be with his friends. Because his friends also had dates, so we went to go get ice cream after and I was like oh, that was really fun. Then he was like yeah I just love hanging out with my friends.” Shelby Jolley, a Junior at Fremont this year, explains her experience she had with a guy. 

While red flags are often the main focus when it comes to high school dating, it’s important to look at green flags too, this will help to determine what you are looking for in a future partner.

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