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Cinderella’s first night open


The theater has been working hard on the musical for months, and tonight we can finally see it

If you hadn’t already heard, the theater’s fall musical this year is Cinderella. Tonight is the opening night but if you can’t make it, the theater will also be performing on the 11th at 2:00 and 7:00 pm, and the 13th, 17th, and 18th at 7:00 pm. There will also be a tea party before the showing on the 11th at 12:00. Tickets can be purchased at the door or here.

Support the theater and attend a fantastic musical! 

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Student Life

Showing Skills in Art


SkillsUSA, a club for Champions and Artists at Work

The SkillsUSA Club this year has changed its focus to be more of an art club. They plan to be based on primarily on art and graphic design as the center of their club.

“Most of the kids that join our club are art students anyways, so we decided this year that [art] was going to be our focus,” said SkillsUSA Advisor, Mrs. Montierth. “We’re trying to gear all of our activities, events, and service projects to a more art-sy field. One of our first field trips will be attending the Art Stroll in Ogden as a club.”

Skills has already planned to do a service project centered around their new concentration.

“We’ll be doing a mural for the Silver Pup Daycare as a service project soon, and really sticking to that art-related feel,” said Junior, Bailei Smith, a member of Skills.

Many members believe that this change of concentration within the club will help Skills to become well known throughout the community.

“I think with the change of the focus, that’ll will help our club get out there, more recognized,” Smith said.

To get more information on how to become a member of SkillsUSA, contact Mrs. Montierth in Room A-104 to get an application and pay the $25 fee to the bookkeeper.

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Student Life

Fall Fashion

no thumb

As the summer months wrap up, it’s the time to start bringing out warmer clothes for the cooler months.

Saved by the Bell

Bell sleeves are coming back in a big way. Take inspiration from the 70’s and get your hands on a flared sleeve top. Pair the flowy, flouncy sleeve top either with a pencil skirt or high waisted jeans for a chick look.

Check, mate

Checkered patterns are always a good staple to have in your wardrobe. From checkered Vans slip ons, to checkered patterned skirts and pants, if you’re going to wear a pattern this fall, make it checkered.

A slight case of the blues

Remember when it was unfashionable to wear the same type of fabric in one outfit? Not anymore! Denim has made a huge and popular comeback the last couple of years. Pair a denim jacket or shirt with a denim skirt or the obvious; denim jeans.

Embroidery Epidemic

Embroidery isn’t just for patches on your grandma’s pillow anymore. The patches are so versatile, they can go on any piece of clothing, bags and even shoes! Embroidered pants are the hot topic this fall.

Get Chunky

Now’s the perfect time of all year to embrace the sweater weather. Grab yourself a chunky knit in sweater or cardigan, (or even both!) to give your outfit that autumn-y feel and stay warm while doing it.


*All illustrations done by Diana Reza

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FFA wins awards at state fair

FFA State

Awards were given for livestock and crop competition

When the FFA results from the Utah State Fair came back, Fremont had a lot of winners for both crops and livestock. For his yellow sweet onions, Daxon Marrow won the Best Individual Exhibit award, which is an overall award.The blue ribbon winners are Deyvi Martinez, Jace Marriott, Hunter Saunders, and Daxon Morrow.

Crops are judged by “How you would pick them out at the store,” said FFA advisor, Mrs. Selman. “You don’t want them bruised, you want them to have a nice color and all be uniform in shape.”

The winners for the livestock part of the competition are Jaycee Bennett

Daxon Morrows Sweet yellow onions with their Best Individual Exhibit award.

with her blue ribbon lamb and the top 10 Sheep Showmanship. Deyvi Martinez with his Blue Ribbon Market Hog. Cheyenne Breeding with a Grand Champion Senior Beef Showman, Grand Champion Jr. Livestock heifer, and the Reserve champion Open Class Heifer. Livestock judging is different for each breed of animal. They are judged on their size, shape, and body structure.


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Student Life

Insight on E-Cigs


As it becomes more popular, vaping continues to be a problem among students.

As students walk around the parking lot, drive through town, or maybe even hang out with friends, it’s definitely possible they notice a trend.

“[I see it] here a couple times a week,” said school resource officer, Kevin Logerquist. “It’s illegal [for students], I think it’s a bad habit.”

Vaping has become popular in recent years, and has definitely become popular among teenagers. Even though vaping starting as a way to quit conventional smoking, it has turned into something of a hobby.

“I saw [vaping] really become prevalent in our school district about six years ago,” said Vice Principal Rich Murray. “Since then, it’s become more mainstream.”

While keeping in mind that vaping is illegal if you’re under 19 in Utah, there’s also a variety of potential health concerns.

“The thing with vaping is that we don’t have a lot of science to back it yet,” said Mr. Murray. “We know that smoking causes cancer…we know there’s a direct correlation. We don’t know the health risks of vaping yet. It’s relatively new, we’re not exactly sure how it’s going to affect us in the long term.”

Regardless of legalities and health, at the end of the day, vaping on school property is against school and district policy. While there’s no article specifically acknowledging vaping, criminal acts of any type are not tolerated at our school, which, considering students’ ages, would include vaping.

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Student Life

Mr. Anderson rocks conference weekend

mr. a

As the LDS church held their priesthood session, Mr. Anderson, Fremont High’s choir teacher, was given the opportunity to conduct the choir and lead the congregation during the meeting.

“It’s not everyday you get to conduct a choir at the Conference Center in front of twenty thousand people,” Mr. Anderson said. “It was a pretty amazing experience. I was nervous to start the practice with the choir… I think it was harder than the actual performance.”

It was very exciting to see Mr. Anderson lead them and many of the students got very excited about it.

This was not his first time conducting a choir at the conference center though. He had conducted a session back in October of 2006.

“The process was roughly the same, but the experience was different,” Anderson said.

The choir was fairly large, but as they practiced before the conference, Mr. Anderson didn’t think that working with the choir was difficult.

“It was a lot like working here. You choose music and you put it in front of them and then learn it. It was very much what we do here all the time.” Anderson said.

The session was held at the LDS conference center in Salt Lake City, on September 30, 2017.

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Student Life

The new administration


Looking around Fremont this year, there are a few new faces in the school staff, specifically in administration positions.

The new principal Michele Parry comes from South Ogden Junior High, but this isn’t her first time being here at Fremont. She actually taught at Fremont when the school was opened up and  she is excited to be back.

She loves being able to work with high school students and she has done it for almost twenty years.

“The district put us where we need to be,” Parry said. “But I’m glad to be back; it’s like home. I love the students, I love the community, and I love the staff.”

Along with Mrs. Parry, Fremont is welcoming two new members on the administrative team.

New assistant principal Rich Murray is also new to Fremont this year. He has been at South Ogden Junior High, Weber High, and Two Rivers.

“The students have the most school spirit that I have seen and ever been around,” Murray said. “I have been so impressed by everything here.”

Murray also commented on how he loves high school and how he is excited to be a part of all of the events we have going on. Students may not know, but Mr. Murray competes in Brazilian Jiu Jitzu and has been in a couple different tournaments in Idaho and Las Vegas. Another interesting thing about him is his love for socks.

Administrative intern, Niels Hansen, is new to our school as well and this is his first year as an administrator.

“I love working with kids and teachers and I took some classes and learned I like leadership,” Hansen said.

Mr. Hansen came from South Ogden Junior High where he taught band and orchestra for twelve years. He plays the saxophone in a few bands here and there.

Sherry Patton has been at Fremont the last three years and she has loved being here.

“I can’t think of a better school, students, and faculty to work with,” Patton said. “My experience has been awesome.”

Mrs. Patton has enjoyed working with several teams over the years so she is very excited for this new experience and the new administrative team.

“This team is very cohesive,” Patton said. “I feel like we are moving together with the same vision. I feel like we are all on the same page, the students, the teachers, the staff, everyone.”

The new administration is very excited for the upcoming year and they said they wanted students to know that they are here to be to help, not to hinder. They also want the students to know that they are always here for us and are willing to help us.

“We are following the rules that are in place,” Parry said. “It’s not coming from us, it’s from everyone. We want the kids to have fun out of respect of the rules.”

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Student Life

Belong in the PACK


PACK Service Club starts up soon

PACK Service Club will be starting up again in about a month.

“The main focus of PACK is helping out those in our school and in our own community,” said Mr. Montgomery, club advisor.

PACK meets usually once a week and they try to do one or two projects a month.

A lot of times [we come up with projects] just from suggestions,” Montgomery said. “I’ll get emails that say we need a little bit of help here or whatever.”

Motivations to join is the fact that being on PACK looks good on scholarship, college and Sterling Scholar applications. There are no requirements to join.

“For job applications [and] all that kind of stuff, they’re always looking for people that have been involved in service projects,” Montgomery said.

Students join for many different reasons.

“It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and to be apart of the community and service hours,” said junior Madison Maughan, a student who is planning on joining Pack.

PACK is a way to help those in need and to give back to the community. For more information on PACK and to join, talk to Montgomery in room B220. He can also be reached at

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Student Life

Vending the State


Changes in vending machines made by the State.

As new administration came, so did changes in the vending machines. However, the changes are actually made by the State.

According to the administration, what the school does with its vending machines is dictated by the legislature.

“There is a list of what’s approved and not approved through the state,” Hanson said.

That list of changes can be found under a search at Students have started to like and notice the changes.  

“I like some of the choices,” said Senior Maddie Witkowski, who is a user of vending machine food as a snack.

There are different payment options in the vending machines: one machine takes debit payments, while the other takes cash.

The changes already made are here to stay as long as students are buying them. If they aren’t, those might be be changed again.



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Student Life

Will Cottle: Picture this


Will Cottle photographs the student body

Will Cottle is an awesome photographer. He is inspired and loves to take photos of everyone around him.

“Since I was a sophomore, I always had this vision of having fun at the football games either on the sideline or in the crowd,” said Cottle. “It’s crazy to me that I made that come true as a senior.”

Cottle has been taking photos for just over a year now and loves it. He has done many different types and styles of photos such as portraits, weddings, parties, and senior pictures.

“I just want to capture as many memories as I can for, not only me, but everyone else that wants to keep these memories forever,” said Cottle.

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