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Communicating feats of engineering is hard enough in English. Now imagine doing it in German.


German students participated in an overnight activity that included a STEM competition, while only speaking in German.

That’s exactly what the German students did over the weekend of the 26th and 27th of January. The annual Winter camp, or Winterlager, where the students have to speak German for the entire weekend had a twist this year. In addition to their regular activities, students had to participate in a STEM competition.

Students from Fremont, T.H. Bell, Bonneville, Rocky Mountain Junior High, and Orion Junior High each had their own teams to compete. The kids had to first build a house that could withstand a hurricane, then build a contraption that would keep an egg safe from a 20 foot drop, and then make marketing buttons. After the last competition was held, a winner was announced. “They were the king of the camp,” said Frau Carolyn Sandstrom, Fremont German teacher.

The STEM competition wasn’t the only thing they did. “We went cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and had many other little competition activities,” said Emma Wiser, German student.

Along with speaking in German, participants also enjoyed German food. Wiener Schnitzel, typically pounded veal, was a popular favorite with kartoffel auflauf on the side. “It’s like potato casserole,” Sandstrom said.

German students weren’t the only ones there, either. Native speaking Germans and Weber State students participated and helped students with technical terms. A German foreign exchange student participated. Some students weren’t even part of the German club, they just took a German class.

The whole weekend was filled with fun. From German movies to engineering, the students were kept busy. And they won’t be stopping. More activities are coming up, and soon another year will start. It almost seems like they’re on the Autobahn with the speed their going.

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2017-2018 Sterling Scholars


Senior students being recognized for their hard work and persistence in different categories along with leadership and service.

Jenny Stalder-Theatre/Forensics/Speech
Adriel Jessop- Vocal Performance
Maya Peterson- Visual Arts
Sarah Clark- Instrumental Music
Kaitlyn Smith- Dance
Ashley Chugg- Business and Marketing
Caleb Robb- English
Caden Probert- Mathmatics
Tony Bodily- Social Sciences
Amy Lund- Science
Matt Odenwalder- World Languages
Benjamin Cannon- Computer Technology
Kennedy Douglas- Skilled and Science
Technical Education
Emily Miller- Family & Consumer Sciences
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Spring Fashion

Screenshot 2018-03-22 at 8.18.12 AM

Wondering what to wear as the weather warms up? Here’s a few pointers on this Spring’s hottest fashion trends.

*All illustrations by Diana Reza*


Checks Please

A major trend that’s been popularized as of late is the checkered pattern. The optical grid pattern has made its way on all types of clothing— skirts, shoes, pants, the list goes on. Try a fun checkered skirt this Spring with an accent color like yellow or red for a nice pop of color with the B&W scheme.


Tons of Tulle

While seen usually used for ballerina tutus, tulle is now getting re-purposed into flowy shirts that instantly bring any outfit up a notch. Try a tulle shirt with embroidered details along with a simple skirt and sensible flats for a chic and stylish look.


That’s a Wrap

The timeless classic, the wrap dress, is a great piece to have in any wardrobe, especially for Springtime. Take a cue from 70’s inspired fashion and grab one of these flattering dresses for yourself. Opt for a floral patterned wrap dress and pair with a light jean jacket and some espadrille wedges for a fun and flirty Springtime look.


Get Meshy

A fun twist on regular leggings, these mesh leggings are the hot topic, not only for the athletic scene, but also as casual wear. The little cut outs make for great windows of breezy ventilation during a workout and are super comfortable anyways, because, I mean, they’re leggings! Pair with a tee and some comfortable sneakers for a super sporty look or a cute casual look.

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What the heck is going on with prom?

Prom Mock Up (2)

Updates on this year’s Junior Prom


Get ready for the corsages and matching ties, Junior Prom is coming up on March 17 in a “pinch”. People began asking out their dates just a couple days after the Winter Ball, but now the event is coming up close. Students are feeling the stress of getting a perfect dress.


But, the date of the event is beginning to be a little concerning to students. The dance will take place on March 17th, which is Saint Patrick’s Day. Worries about being pinched have turned students green with sickness. Is prom going to be all green and gold?


Luckily, the greenery has been denied. The theme for Junior Prom is planned to be Under the Stars, according to junior SBO Allyssa Holmes. Located at Weber State, the dance will have twinkling lights stranded to the ceiling, setting a romantic vibe to it all. No space and galaxy theme, this prom is going to more along the lines of an outdoor, candle-lit dinner.

Speaking of dinner, there are plenty of places for a dinner date before, or after the dance. Ranging from cute diners to work-extra-hours-to-eat-here. Some famous stops are the Pie Pizzeria, serving hearty and fresh pizza with a millenial vibe to the place, or Jake’s Over the Top who serves some of Weber State’s students favourite ice cream.

Some more ‘high end’ restaurants (at least for a college campus) are Cafe Villebella in Ogden, who serves coffee, sandwiches, and pastries with a comfy atmosphere, or Tona, a japanese restaurant serving sushi.

This prom is set on keeping love alive, what with the lights and atmosphere and location, it’s certainly going to be one to remember.

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Difficulties of third quarter


It’s normal to have shortcomings this quarter.


The sounds of scraping pencils seems to echo in the room. Your eyelids begin to droop even though you fight it. You have a big test coming up but you can’t seem to bring yourself to finish your homework.

Welcome to third quarter. The quarter that multiple students agree is the hardest quarter. While other quarters have multiple breaks, or the adrenaline of being back to school or leaving it, third quarter has none of these. “Third is just the ‘bleh’ in the middle,” says junior Shannon Lynch.

If it feels like you can’t catch a break, it might be because you literally can’t have a break. While third quarter is statistically the shortest quarter, with only 44 days instead of 45 or 46, there are only two breaks; President’s day and the ACT, which is only a break for some students. “We don’t get a break at all in third quarter,” says senior Madeline Witkowski.

But don’t despair! The school year is halfway over and there are multiple ways to keep you motivated. Plan things on the weekends. Eat a different breakfast. Anything to break up the routine. “Feeling the anticipation and the excitement during [weekend plans] gives you a break from the drag,” says Lynch.


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The Bar J Wranglers are returning to Fremont

BarJ Poster

Country Music group, Bar J wranglers are coming to Fremont High February 24th! The Saddle Strings will be the opening act, they go on at 5:40, the main event starts at 7:00PM. A silent auction will be held from 5:00-6:40PM. Doors open at 5:00PM

For the Past few years the FFA and UCTA, a foundation who helps fund activities the FFA participate in, host the Bar J Wranglers here in the School’s Auditorium. This fundraiser helps raise money for trips and competitions the FFA chapter participates in.

Members from the chapter have been preparing for the concert for months,  selling tickets, finding sponsors, and handing out flyers. The member who puts in the most work gets rewarded for their hard work and dedication with scholarship money.

The Utah Commitment To Agriculture Foundation (UCTA), is the backbone for the whole production. They help the FFA with preparing for the concert. Every year substantial scholarships are handed out by them.

Bar J and the Saddle Strings concert will be held February 24th. To buy tickets and for more information, stop by Mr. Ellertson’s room, or Kent’s Customer Service service desk.

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Winter Fashion

no thumb

As the winter months draw closer, it’s the time to switch out our fall clothes for our warm winter clothes, but here’s a few tips on the latest fashion trends of Winter 2017 that’ll keep you up to date.

*All illustrations by Diana Reza*


Are you faux real?

Faux fur is the perfect accessory to have this winter, whether it’s as simple as a trimming on a parka or an entire coat, it’s not only chic, but helps keep you warm. Opt for faux fur, since it’s a lot less expensive and helps out our animal friends too!


Crushing on Velvet

Either crushed velvet, or normal velvet are the perfect go-to’s for the holiday season. It adds a certain luxe factor that can’t be duplicated with any other fabric type. It comes in every piece of clothing; shoes, jackets, shirts and dresses. Try a green or red colored velvet piece to add that glamorous touch to your holiday outfit.




Styling like a sleuth

Who says trench coats are just for detectives in London circa the 1940’s? They’re coming back in a big way this winter, so grab one for yourself. The flattering, cinch waisted coats are wearable with virtually any outfit, dressed up or down, and they are mostly found in nude colors. Try some black pants and heeled boots to really boost the spy-inspired look.





Sweat Sesh

Sweats are so versatile during the winter, as they’re comfy and fit loosely for those days when you just don’t feel like squeezing into skinny jeans. The inner fleece in most sweatpants and sweatshirts keeps you nice and toasty in the frigid winter air. Opt for specially made thermal sweats and pair with a pair of warm Ugg boots for the ultimate comfy and warm look.


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Magic, Risk, and Chess have got all these students on a high for strategy.

Strategy Games

During every flex hour, kids pile into Mr. Watkins room for Strategy Game Club, a ‘club’ that began last year when Watkins released an ad asking for a few students to come in a play some games during flex. Zach Billings, a senior and vice president of the club, spotted the ad first, then gathered a group and elected a President, Mason Thompson. Since then, it has grown in people and interest.

Technically, the ‘club’ is a flex class. They only meet during school hours, and it’s always open for people to sign up. Watkins has a sign-up sheet outside his classroom with an area specifically for Strategy Game, but there are only 25 spots available, and they fill up quick. Even with a limited amount of availability, The club is always looking to expand and become more known around the school.

Strategy games help learning processes and the ability to absorb new information, so the fact that these students meet up in between classes to sharpen their minds is pretty smart. They also meet during lunch sometimes, playing with more friends.

The club has begun competing and training, looking for ways to grow. Saturday, 27 January, eight members will be participating in a chess tournament at West Jordan.

The members are friendly and open to new people; the whole club seems just like a group of friends that wanted to play a few games together, which makes it even more inviting.

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Juniors: get ready for the ACT


The ACT is coming up fast, and it’s time for the juniors to start preparing


Every year, the juniors take the ACT at the end of February. This year it is on February 27th.  If you’re a junior and haven’t started studying, you have about two months to prepare yourself.

The school has ACT prep FLEX classes you can sign up for at the beginning of third quarter as well as classes you can take after school (but unfortunately have to pay for.) See your counselor to sign up for either FLEX or after school classes. There are also many ACT practice websites where you can take timed practice tests.

Juniors, start studying so you don’t have to take the ACT more than once or twice. If you do need to take it again, check for more ACT testing dates. Sophomores and seniors, don’t forget that you don’t have school on February 27th!

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‘Tis the season for empty wallets


The struggle to find meaningful gifts at a cheap price has become increasingly difficult as the years go by.

The holiday season has arrived, and that means giving gifts. Whether it’s for your family or for friends, people expect others to give them and receive their gifts.

However, as the years go by, gift shopping becomes more and more expensive. There are multiple solutions to this problem.

  • Homemade gifts: DIY projects are all the rage now. It can be as simple as a keychain or necklace, or as complicated as a stand for their favorite items. And homemade gifts don’t have to be cheesy or artsy. “I just think they’re more personal, you’re actually giving a part of the person, not just something they bought,” says art teacher Michelle Montierth.
  • Food: Whether it’s a $20 bag of their favorite goodies or some homemade cookies, no one refuses food. Light someone’s day by giving them a gift that they will truly appreciate for as long as it lasts.
  • Pictures: Does your friend group have a really great selfie while you were hanging out? Print it out and frame it. “It’s really cheap and makes it more personal,” said junior Natalie Stoddard.
  • Hygiene: Hygiene isn’t just toothpaste, give your friends something they’re always asking for. Gum, mints, and lotion are a great idea, you never know when they’ll want it at school. “It seems like girls usually give lotion or fuzzy socks,” said junior Kendra Cragun.
  • Dollar Store: The dollar store is guaranteed to be cheap. There is always something cool and random there. You can even customize it. “I’ve heard of people getting just the cheap glasses at the dollar store and then etching the glass,” said Montierth.
  • Websites: There are multiple websites that allow you to browse for options under $10. “I find a lot of stuff on,” said Montierth.
  • Money: While it doesn’t take a lot of thought, no one has ever been disappointed to find cash in their gift. This way the your recipient is guaranteed to get something they want, since they can buy it themselves.
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