Fortnite Dropped the OG map and the player base was at its peak.

Fortnite finally brought back the ¨OG¨map (for the most part), and the player base is booming due to the nostalgic feeling and the game feeling brand new again. Fortnite’s official account went on to report even higher numbers the following day, saying that Nov. 4 they saw “44.7 million players jumping in and 102 million hours of play.” they only had 22 million players in 2017 The post went on to thank players old and new for their contribution to the game’s biggest day to date.

The battle royale known as Fortnite started on September 26th 2017, and was a work in progress with them updating the game about every week, giving us new items to mess around with and try and learn to use.

In later seasons they added shopping carts and it was the first thing you could ride besides a game-breaking bug called ¨rocket riding¨ that they thought would be a fun feature in their game so they left it in the game for players to have fun.

They continued updating the game and started doing collaborations with bigger companies, for example they did a collaboration with marvel bringing a Thanos glove to the game. This opened a whole different gateway in the game with them collaborating with Marshmallow Travis scott, Ninja, and so many others it’s hard to keep track of.

These collaborations also started to make Fortnite not feel like fortnite. With the collabs in recent seasons they started to add things that made the almost unplayable, because they were so overpowered. Adding items like ODM gear (Omni-Directional Mobility Gear) from Attack on titan, lightsabers and, Hollow Purple from Jujutsu Kaisen.

This made the game hard to find enjoyable when they started to sell out to these bigger companies. Yes it was fun to run around dressed up as Goku and fight John Wick with a lightsaber, but at the end of the day, just wasn’t Fortnite.

So they realized what they were doing wrong and brought back the OG map. This brought all the players together: old, new, and the people that never left. They brought back all of the original weapons. With this they brought back all of the old landing spots like: Salty Springs, Pleasant Park, Greasy Grove, and best of all Tilted Towers.

The game was good again with you and your friends constantly arguing over who gets the gold scar and who is gonna carry the meds cause you wanna carry the mobility. Getting one-pumped and getting mad at your friend asking, ¨Where are you?¨ even though it is your fault you pushed alone.

The game was perfect and full of nostalgia. However, It was only a matter of time until they gave us a new map, bad movement, and Peter Griffin. The old map was taken away again, and they replaced it with a new map that is fun, but a lot of people were playing just for the map, so some people left,but a lot of people that came back to the game stuck around with their player-base still staying consistent.

Fortnite OG will go down as one of the best decisions in gaming history. And if you missed out, you missed one of the best times to play the game.

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  1. This was a very good article about the og fortnite impact. I have experienced the joy of this myself and I am glad that it was covered in my schools newspaper! Made me giggle.

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