A Precarious Future of AI

Movies change our perception of the future of AI but what if they are right

Artificial Intelligence (AI) could be transforming all aspects of society. This AI technology is developing so quickly, that it is possible for us to be living on the cusp of a new world. History can tell us how new technology spreads across society and changes it forever, like the automobile changed the world so may AI. Yet just as the combustion motor was militarized into new technology to fight wars so could AI. These are all possible outcomes AI could come to, but not known officially.

In movies we watch how people envision AI developing, and how it could frighten viewers. The spotlight on AI in science fiction has focused on computers or robots that take over the world. The thought of having technology that is more intelligent then us – people leads to us making up terrifying stories. Movies such as The Creator, The Matrix, Terminator, Transcendence, and the classic movie: A Space Odyssey. These films distort the perception of AI for viewers, creating a negative perception about AI. A commonality in these movies is that each film makes it seem like AI will take over the world, some people start to wonder if it will.

In reality, AI is taking over but not in the way the movies make it seem, and the scariest thing about AI is the humans behind it. People developing AI could be replacing 85 million jobs. Possibly destroying our future families and prospects to make a living. 

This replacement of thought permanent jobs is possible to happen by 2025. This could create a divide between labor which can make millions of families without a money asset. Humans are also using AI for propaganda to destabilize governments and economies. The youth that are able to plan a future occupation as that career path may shortly become extinct.

AI is being used as propaganda by political campaigners, terrorist groups like Hamas and ISIS, along with countries hostile to the United States like Russia and China. AI is used by these disruptors to generate hostile and fake social media posts and bots that track and exploit people. AI allows easy access for campaigns with nefarious purposes to sway elections and public opinion. Social media photos can be generated with AI deep fakes that look so real that even experts become confused. We live in a time where you can literally put faces on other people and put words in their mouth that they never said.

What remains to be seen is how the military can be using AI to wage future wars. Drones could be in the future AI used to attack enemy targets. Hackers that destroy the stock markets of their enemies, may be able to shut down critical infrastructure and facilities, or crash airplanes.

AI is possibly taking away opportunities, and creating a hostile future for today’s teenagers coming out of high school. What if our dreams get taken by AI? Technology such as AI isn’t trustworthy as it lacks the morals of knowing right or wrong. The power of AI is in the hands of the manipulator. The literary meaning, fake wizard behind the curtain. We have yet to see the unknown future holds 2024 and beyond.

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