Why Do People Stray From their Goals?

High expectations lead to low esteem and poor results..

We all have expectations in life. Sometimes these assumptions are too good to be true and we learn to let go of our expectations and accept what is. If we are lucky, we can allow great expectations to help us achieve greatness in life. 

Standards for ourselves can turn into goals. Ever since the Babylonian times, goals setting – even yearly goal setting such as New Year resolutions, has evolved. Goals are set points in our life that we reach in order to succeed. 

Your goal from 10 years ago is not going to be the same as today. Mrs.Meadors states her change from highschool. “My goals at 16 years old were more at a surface level, they were silly things that really didn’t matter that much. Now when I make a change it’s because I want to live better, and be healthier and calmer.” Younger set goals are more impulsive, adult goals are more refined and for the better.

The Babylonians were the first recorded people to make New year pledges. Pledges over time were changed to resolutions. Personal beliefs of the Babylonians added into their own values they set, such as religion, mythology, and power. Over time, our own values and experiences have changed our self views of goals. 

The New Year is the perfect opportunity for us to set these goals. These goals sometimes are unachievable, because we set such a high outlook for ourselves that it becomes unrealistic. Unrealistic standards overpower our own goals and achievements. Mrs. Iseminger states. “There are so many things that change during the New Year that you try to do so many things that you fail at all of them. It is better to have little goals set throughout the year.” At times the New Year’s resolution is more detrimental than helpful.

Stress can get in the way of us trying to fulfill our goals. Because of stress, we cause ourselves to worry and this can lead to procrastination or an inability to move forward. We can get stuck in a stress cycle. Procrastination is caused by an unmanageable amount of pressure, causing them to lose energy and motivation.

 New Year’s resolutions are a great time to improve ourselves but they are not the only time. We can choose when we want to go on the path of self-improvement. We can choose when we want to improve, the New Year is not the only time to do it. Mrs. Iseminger states. “ I don’t really set New Year goals, there will be times when I decide I wanna change something so I set a goal.” Choose when the best time is for you, to create your own change. 

Sometimes the pressures of high achieved goals can cause stress factors. Mrs. Meadors states. “Unless someone makes a really concentrated effort to fix a bad habit, then it’s often going to fall away.” 

However, failure can lead us to success. Failure is the only way to learn and continue to succeed. Failing is not only a teaching method but a life skill. Setting goals can be valuable, but giving yourself grace in realizing your goal isn’t attainable is ok. Mrs.Miller states. “It is always good to better yourself, and find new strengths.”

Taking things one step at a time rather than rushing through it to get to an exhausting reach is better for yourself. If you decide to set goals for yourself this year, be ok with setting a goal that feels achievable and beneficial for you. Change is different for everyone, goals change and so do people.

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