Boys golf pre-region tournament


On Wednesday, September 20 the boys golf team had a tournament at The Barn golf course. Overall the boys team took 3rd, with the following individual varsity scores:

Cord Costley-70

Ryan Martinez-74

Cameron Skiby-77

Mason Hurd-84

Cameron Fowers-85

Tige Voorhees-86

Seth Clark-88

Carston Iverson-93


The next tournament is Region on September 25, 26 at the Eagle Mountain Golf Course in Brigham City.

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XC Torch Run

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Fremont’s Cross Country team is running from Davis High School back to Fremont. It is about 24 miles, each person is required to run 10 miles. The bus drops them off at Davis High School and it is a relay, and they are split into teams. Each team runs a leg that is about 4 miles, they then switch with another group so they can have a short break in between.

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Gotta getcha head in the game

Cayden Williams steps up to shoot a free throw.

Boys Basketball goes all the way to region

The boys basketball team has finished off their 2016-2017 year

with a bang. After a successful 10-4 season, the boys advanced to the playoffs while continuing to grow as a team. Looking back on the season the boys are especially proud of taking out our rivals time and time again.

Senior and team captain Kaden Argyle said the following about the team shutting down the competition.

“The best part for me was the home game against Weber. It just seemed like we all played together and not just one guy did it all. I was just grateful to play in and be a part of that team. It’s been awhile since a team here had beat Weber…and we beat em twice this year. We also beat Roy twice and that’s always a great accomplishment.”

Photo: Anna Wilson
Cayden Williams steps up to shoot a free throw. Photo: Anna Wilson

The team members are not only proud of what they did on gamedays, but also the days leading up to them. They worked hard constantly to get the rewarding outcomes that they had.

“Our season [went] great,” said Senior captain, Cayden Williams. “We [were] competing everyday to become stronger and more unified. Our work ethic and chemistry was definitely showing in our games.”

Williams and Argyle, who will both be graduating this year, are optimistic about next year’s potential team.

“Our younger players are catching on quick and are showing a bright future for Fremont basketball,” said Williams.

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Putting the Twitter Bird Back in Your Mouth

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 7.26.46 PM

Are social media spats turning into something much more serious?

Fremont’s drill team made the top ten, beating out Weber last weekend at the State Championships. A Weber Warriorette, assured of a victory, tried to burn us out, but they quickly attempted to retract their statement once the scores got out.

The Warriorette’s frilly socks and 50’s swing dresses couldn’t pull their team through and they will not be continuing in the national competition.

Other media posts by the same girl as well as the rest of the team show an underlying animosity not only towards Fremont but the competition overall as well as a streak of poor losers. While the rivalry between the wolves and the warriors remains alive and well, this incident asks the question, is it getting out of hand?

With the conflict between Roy and Fremont during football season often escalating on twitter and facebook, maybe the problem is us. Students and parents from Roy expressed their distaste and frustration with our conduct during the football games, and their bleachers weren’t too happy either.

Weber has been a long-time rival of Fremont, and the intensity of match ups parallel the “Holy War,” between BYU and the University of Utah. Maybe the poor losing streak isn’t only infecting Weber, but Fremont, too.




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Marybai Huking: Bronze medalist


Third best in the world, homegrown Silver wolf.

Fremont graduate Marybai Huking–adopted from China when she was two with albinism and partial blindness–has just returned from the Rio Paralympics, with the weight of a bronze medal around her neck.

“Marybai is one of the most determined, positive, and dedicated people I know,” Mr. Fendrick said with a smile. “She is able to take things that most people see as challenges, and turn them into opportunities.”

Fendrick had Marybai as a student in AP classes and as a student on the yearbook staff, which was something she excelled in.

“Once, she wrote an essay [for a scholarship] that was so good, I got an award for it,” said Fendrick.

“I am very thankful to the teachers at Fremont who challenged me and always pushed me to improve and progress,” said Huking. I definitely feel that I was able to translate the lessons I learned in high school to my athletic career.”

In addition to all her academic success, Huking participates in a sport called goalball. This sport was introduced to Huking in 2010 through the Utah Foundation for the Blind and Visually Impaired, after spending many years as a child participating in figure skating.

Shane Huking, brother of Marybai and a current sophomore at Fremont, also plays goalball, and explained it as a very soccer-like sport. It has goals at either end of a taped-off court, with three players laying across each side in teams as they pass a ball in attempt of getting it in the other team’s goal. This sport requires intense training and commitment, and Marybai has excelled with both.

“I think the key to being successful at anything is to be passionate about it,” said Huking. “The journey to reaching any goal won’t always be glamorous and fun, but if you’re passionate about it, it will absolutely be worth it in the end.”

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Sweat, hard work, and determination



Girls, basketball player, Berklee Lerohl, is dedicated to the sport

Wearing the number ten, Berklee Lerohl plays shooting guard on Fremont’s girls’ basketball team. Lerohl, who is now a senior, has been playing basketball for ten years, since she was in the second grade.

In addition to basketball, Berklee also used to play volleyball and soccer, and ran track.

“I was just a very sporty girl,” Lerohl said. “I tried a lot of different sports and liked it.”

When Lerohl was a sophomore the team made it to the 5A State Championships, which became a very memorable moment.

Lerohl’s motto is “if you believe that you can do anything, and keep working hard, you will be able to achieve those things.” Her advice to up-and-coming basketball players is this, “The more practice you put in, the better you’ll become. You just have to believe you can reach it.”

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Swim team goes to City County on Saturday

State Swim

On Saturday, the boys and girls swim teams are hoping to keep their win streak. The boys team is going for their 4th straight win and the girls are going for their 3rd. The meet is at the Ogden High pool and starts at 8:00 Saturday morning. If you are planning on going, try to come early to get good seats. Come out and support our swim teams in one of their most important meets!


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Bump, Set, Spike it, That’s the Way Iva Nelson likes it


Spotlight on Sophomore Volleyball Player, #12, Iva Nelson

10th grader Iva Nelson has made her wave in athletics, especially volleyball.

Nelson has been playing volleyball since she was ten years old.

“I got into volleyball because my mom said that I was too soft to play soccer.” said Nelson. “She loved playing volleyball growing up in Peru, so she wanted me to try it. My coach is the son of my first grade teacher and I’ve been playing for him since I started.”

Iva plays with the Fremont Volleyball team when it’s high school season, and during club season, she plays for two clubs. “I play for a club called ‘Utah Bounce’ and I practice with a club called ‘Flame’.”  Iva has won fourteen medals in total from the clubs she has played for and the ones she has played guest for.

“I love volleyball,” Nelson exclaimed. “I love how intense the game is and how fun it is to play! I absolutely love diving and going for balls that look impossible to get and just making it look so easy. I love everything about it,”  

Volleyball is a vigorous game with aggression, skills that take years to develop and overall intensity.

“I also love the friends I make on the team, they become like my second family. We all have our ups and downs with each other, but we still love each other and will always be there for one another,”  Iva said.

Teams form a family-like bond, and Nelson with her team have shown this to be true.

“I always knew who Iva was, but I really got to know her when we started playing volleyball together. I feel like every year since we’ve gotten closer and closer,” said Berkley Larsen, fellow volleyball player.

Nelson and Larsen have played together since Junior High.

“Iva is the type of player that always has a good time,” said Larsen. “It doesn’t matter what’s happening, whether we are losing or winning, that girl always has a good attitude and a smile on her face. She’s always cheering for everyone else, she is the best kind of teammate.”

“My favorite thing is when she does something good, like she serves an ace. She jumps up as high as those little legs will let her and yells and cheers. I love it!” Larsen laughs.

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Utah’s Civil War


By: Maddison Tenney
Pack News Journalist

The most heated rivalry of Utah football will once again play off for glory, bragging rights, and a new host of bandwagoners this weekend as BYU and the Utes face off. Both BYU and Utah’s programs have had historic season openers. What does that mean for their rivalry match-up this Friday? Here are some Fremont predictions:

“I think where BYU has a new coaching staff that they are still trying to figure stuff out,” said Dawson Mildon, Fremont Student. “With that new kicker, they are going to put him in the game more instead of using their senior kicker, I think BYU is going to win for sure!

“I grew up as a Utes girl,” said Kiressa Cullimorey, Fremont Student. “I think the Utes are going to crush [BYU]!  I don’t know if that’s just because that’s what my family and I cheer for?  I hope they do!

“I thought BYU played really well this past week, it got really close at the end, we’ve had a lot of close games,” said Bryan Zelenski, BYU Student Teacher. “I was hoping they would be able to pull it off and they did!  Taysom Hill and Jamaal Williams are back and they are getting a good rhythm down… I think they have a good opportunity to pull it out and win”

“[The Utes] finished off last season 10-3 so based on that I think they’ll take home the win this Saturday,” said Estela Perez, Fremont Student.

On Saturday September 3, BYU played a nail-biting game against the Arizona Wildcats, winning in the last six seconds with a field goal, pulling ahead for a 18-16 win.  The new coaching staff shook things up and proved to be a good change.  BYU can’t rely on this tight of a game if they are anticipating a win against the UTE’s killer defense.  BYU lost field passes and a touchdown due to offensive fouls.  

These errors must be addressed for this game this weekend.  

Taysom Hill made an appearance after his devastating injury early last season, predicted to possibly be a career ender; however, he came out and impressed fans and teammates alike with his solid passes, experience and reliability.  

Jamaal Williams carried the high yardage in Ty Detmer’s offence. The same could not be said however for the Sophomore Rhett Almond, the Y’s go-to-kicker.  He missed both a field goal and an extra point earlier in the game.

Although BYU's defense seems like they at times can defy gravity, it didn't stop the Utes from dominating at the Vegas Bowl in 2015.  Ethan Miller / Getty Images
Although BYU’s defense seems like they at times can defy gravity, it didn’t stop the Utes from dominating at the Vegas Bowl in 2015. Photo: Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Coach Kalani Sitake faced a difficult decision in choosing the Freshman kicker who hadn’t played season ball in over a year.  However he made the choice and BYU was able to pull ahead. Jake Oldroyd calmly sent the football 33 yards out cleanly through the uprights, still wearing his neon green cleats from his high-school days.  

Corbin Kafusi, #90 who was playing basketball for Dave Rose in March, exploded from the line and proved to be a valuable defensive end.

Utah’s win against Southern Utah, a 24-0 shutout, while highly impressive, still left much to be desired.  While it was a historic win, their first shutout since 2012 against Northern Colorado, with a caliber of team such as Southern Utah pitted against the vicious Utes offence, there should have been a higher outcome.  

“We know we’ve got to play better,” said Coach Kyle Whittingham. “If we’re going to win next week, we’ve got to get better, there’s no doubt about that. We’ve got to have a great week of practice.”  

Against an FCS defense, one would expect more domination from the Utes offensive line.  With 138 yards on the ground, the team only pushed through an average of 3.7 yards per carry.  

In addition to an otherwise solid game, the snap became a struggle for Utah senior, J.J. Dielman.  Although Dielman is a returning all-conference lineman, this is his first season as center after former center Hiva Lutui was injured.  Although manageable, some inexperience was obvious against SUU.  Williams had to adjust multiple times to catch the snap.  

Williams expressed confidence in Dielman, “I have full confidence in J.J., even though it’s his first year at center,” he said. “He’s a great leader, I know he’s going to get it back to me. Some plays I may have to go a little lower than others, but as long as I’m able to get it, that’s fine with me. I have to be accountable for my part and catch it also, so it’s not all on J.J.”  

If Utah continues to improve their performance offensively, their killer defense will prove hard to penetrate by BYU, and their running game will be hard to stop if BYU isn’t able to hold their defense together.

The game will take place September 10th at 5:30pm at Rice Eccles Stadium, and the tickets are a hot commodity.  For live coverage of the game, tune into ESPN 700 AM or watch it on FOX Sports.  

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Practiced, Positive Point Guard

Bryant 4

Senior Bryant Beus shows dedication at practice and during games

In his fourth year on the boy’s basketball team, point guard Bryant Beus continues to impress.

“He works hard every single day: he doesn’t take a day off, doesn’t take a drill off, doesn’t take a play off,” said Athletic Director Melaney, who has “had the great pleasure of coaching Bryant” all four years.

Beus has played basketball since the first grade and his family has been a continual motivation.

“My whole family has played and I want to prove to them that I’m better than all of them,” he said.

His family also helps him excel in basketball by practicing with him and giving him advice.

“I like to practice on my own and my dad usually comes and rebounds for me and gives me tips and what not,” Beus said. “But I play with my brothers quite a bit as well.”

His dedication in practice at home and at school shows in his game performance.

Before each game, Beus likes to “dribble on my own and say a personal prayer.” This focus remains throughout the game as he thinks about how he can help his team and how he can best guard his opponent.

“[I think about] how to keep everyone doing their best and how to keep their spirits good,” he said.

As for his opponent, Beus tries to distract the other player and “get into his head a little bit.”

He also maintains a level of focus while playing and doesn’t “get too nervous,” especially during free throws.

“I just stay confident in myself that [the ball] is going to go in,” he said.

Beus hopes to continue playing basketball in college if he receive opportunities, but if not, he plans to attend Weber State University to complete his Associate’s.

“[Beus] is always positive and he’s reliable,” Melaney continued. “He’s small but he’s tough.”

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