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Volleyball team playing to win

Girls Volleyball has been doing great so far this season. The girls have been practicing hard and it’s paying off.

“We are currently in 2nd place in Region,” said senior Berkley Larsen. “We are looking good to finish out the rest of the season strong, with a good seed in State.”

Counting tournaments and regular season games, they have won 15 and lost 7.

”I love when someone does something really good and we are all excited for them,” said Larsen. “The bench is jumping up and the people down on the court are screaming.”

There are six on the court at a time, the outside hitter, right side hitter, opposite hitter, setter middle blocker, and the libero. They start off with a coin toss to decide who start off with the ball. The winning team has to win best 3 of 5 games. You have to score 25 points and be 2 points ahead to win.

State games will be November 2 and 4 at Utah Valley University.

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Shredding the wake


Maggie Phipps winning it all as the champion in women Am Wakesurf Competition

Sophomore Maggie Phipps is the champion of World’s Wakesurf Association. As a 15-year-old, Phipps is more accomplished than most adults.

Rocky Mountain Wakesurf competition was a big success this year. This competition was a World Gold Tour stop for 2017. It’s a national tournament for wakesurfing and it’s a very big competition for these women, because this is how they become pros at this sport.

“I competed in the Women’s Am surf division,” said Phipps. “I took first out of fifteen other competitors in the competition.”

Phipps is doing very good in her competitions. She is 12th in the world and 4th in the nation for women’s surf over all.

“At these competitions there is a surf or skim style division,” Phipps said. “The competitors are given two 30 second runs to throw down as many tricks as they can so the first day they have there first run which is 30 seconds and the next day is another 30 second run and your total seconds is 60 seconds,”

When a competitor falls they don’t get docked for their falls but has three chances to get up per run.

“The competitors are judged on intensity, style, trick consistency, variety, and trick difficulty,” said Phipps.

This competition is a two day event. The competitors get scored separately on those days and then the competitors have your total score from both days added together. On day one, Phipps got a score of 80. On her second day, she had a score of 100 and her total was 180/200.

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From bunny hills to black diamonds


An overview of the snowboard and ski club and how to join.

As Winter approaches winter clubs are being organized, one of those being the Ski and Snowboard club. Mr. Erisoty, the shop teacher, is the founder and adviser of the club.

The sign up for this class is only $20, and the money goes toward the club t-shirts and trips. Members get a school excused absence to go to a ski resort where they will take a basic avalanche class to help better their knowledge about mountain safety.

During the season the club really focuses on getting out and doing what the club was made for.

“We do one [trip] a month and it’s usually on Saturdays,” said club advisor Mr. Erisoty. “But administration for the past 23 years has given us a day off and we go in the middle of week on a non holiday week so there is no one on the mountains.”

Having an empty resort really helps students get through a class quickly with no interruption. This also gives the full experience that students are looking for when slashing through the snow. It makes for no lines and plenty of room to try new things. The club has no restrictions on experience, they take everyone from new skiers/snowboarders and to the most experienced.

For more information or questions talk to Mr. Erisoty in room A-110.

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Volleyball girls hungry for a win


Volleyball team looking to win next region game after hard losses.

School has started, which means sports have also begun. Of those, the girls volleyball team started their season two weeks ago. The team had two preseason games this past week which were both hard fought but had rocky endings. They first played Bingham, and then Bountiful later that week. During both games they came out a little slow but picked up the pace in the last sets.

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Fremont v. Weber Game

Photo Credit: Brookelyn Jones

Thursday night we played our biggest rival — Weber. We started out strong in the first two quarters, but Weber made a comeback in the final two quarters, ending the game with an interception and winning the game 28-20.

Next week we host Clearfield, so get out to the game and support the football team!

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Come run to Chick-Fil-A

Screenshot 2017-09-26 at 10.35.49 AM

The Cross Country Team will be holding a fundraiser at the Chick-Fil-A in Ogden on 12th Street.

It will be held on October 2nd from 5:00-9:00 pm. To contribute to the fundraiser, say you are there to support Fremont’s Cross Country Team. The Cross Country Team will receive 15% from all purchases.

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Boys golf pre-region tournament


On Wednesday, September 20 the boys golf team had a tournament at The Barn golf course. Overall the boys team took 3rd, with the following individual varsity scores:

Cord Costley-70

Ryan Martinez-74

Cameron Skiby-77

Mason Hurd-84

Cameron Fowers-85

Tige Voorhees-86

Seth Clark-88

Carston Iverson-93


The next tournament is Region on September 25, 26 at the Eagle Mountain Golf Course in Brigham City.

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XC Torch Run

no thumb

Fremont’s Cross Country team is running from Davis High School back to Fremont. It is about 24 miles, each person is required to run 10 miles. The bus drops them off at Davis High School and it is a relay, and they are split into teams. Each team runs a leg that is about 4 miles, they then switch with another group so they can have a short break in between.

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Gotta getcha head in the game

Cayden Williams steps up to shoot a free throw.

Boys Basketball goes all the way to region

The boys basketball team has finished off their 2016-2017 year

with a bang. After a successful 10-4 season, the boys advanced to the playoffs while continuing to grow as a team. Looking back on the season the boys are especially proud of taking out our rivals time and time again.

Senior and team captain Kaden Argyle said the following about the team shutting down the competition.

“The best part for me was the home game against Weber. It just seemed like we all played together and not just one guy did it all. I was just grateful to play in and be a part of that team. It’s been awhile since a team here had beat Weber…and we beat em twice this year. We also beat Roy twice and that’s always a great accomplishment.”

Photo: Anna Wilson
Cayden Williams steps up to shoot a free throw. Photo: Anna Wilson

The team members are not only proud of what they did on gamedays, but also the days leading up to them. They worked hard constantly to get the rewarding outcomes that they had.

“Our season [went] great,” said Senior captain, Cayden Williams. “We [were] competing everyday to become stronger and more unified. Our work ethic and chemistry was definitely showing in our games.”

Williams and Argyle, who will both be graduating this year, are optimistic about next year’s potential team.

“Our younger players are catching on quick and are showing a bright future for Fremont basketball,” said Williams.

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Putting the Twitter Bird Back in Your Mouth

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 7.26.46 PM

Are social media spats turning into something much more serious?

Fremont’s drill team made the top ten, beating out Weber last weekend at the State Championships. A Weber Warriorette, assured of a victory, tried to burn us out, but they quickly attempted to retract their statement once the scores got out.

The Warriorette’s frilly socks and 50’s swing dresses couldn’t pull their team through and they will not be continuing in the national competition.

Other media posts by the same girl as well as the rest of the team show an underlying animosity not only towards Fremont but the competition overall as well as a streak of poor losers. While the rivalry between the wolves and the warriors remains alive and well, this incident asks the question, is it getting out of hand?

With the conflict between Roy and Fremont during football season often escalating on twitter and facebook, maybe the problem is us. Students and parents from Roy expressed their distaste and frustration with our conduct during the football games, and their bleachers weren’t too happy either.

Weber has been a long-time rival of Fremont, and the intensity of match ups parallel the “Holy War,” between BYU and the University of Utah. Maybe the poor losing streak isn’t only infecting Weber, but Fremont, too.




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