Avalanche Awareness


Being aware of avalanches is serious for the Ski and Snowboard club.


The rumbling increases in sound until you feel it in your chest. Snow is pouring down the mountainside, and you have to get to cover. Avalanches are killers, and you are now caught in one.

This scenario is exactly what the Ski and Snowboard club prepared for on Wednesday, January 24th. The Avalanche Awareness activity that had been planned months prior taught the students what to do when they found themselves in an avalanche in the backcountry

“The first thing you do is try and get off the slab of snow,” said Madeline Witkowski, president of the Ski and Snowboard Club. That was one of the many steps taught to them by the certified Avalanche instructure at Powder Mountain. Other steps included using environmental clues to find where to go to avoid the snow and to dig yourself a pocket of air so you don’t suffocate. “They only have about 20 minutes,” said Mr. Arne Erisoty, advisor of the Ski and Snowboard Club

Though the main focus was on avalanches, club members did get to play in the snow. After learning how to prepare themselves in an emergency, they were let loose on the resort. The day passed in skiing and shredding the slopes.

The club had a great time and look forward to doing it again next year. Being aware of what to do in an avalanche and how to save your friends is a need to know for those that are out in the backcountry regularly. “It’s a big deal,” said Erisoty. “I’ve never seen the students so serious.”

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Fremont baseball takes a loss to Syracuse

Fremont baseball lost to Syracuse at home on Wednesday, April 18th, with a final score of 4-7.

The game picked up quickly, with Syracuse scoring twice in the first inning.

When Fremont got up to bat, the pitcher walked the first four batters, allowing a run for Fremont.

Lex Petersen, number 29, stepped up to the plate and had a great hit to left field. Syracuse’s left fielder caught the ball, but Petersen made up for it by getting an RBI, scoring another run for Fremont and tying the game.

Inning two was both slow and short, with only four batters stepping up to the plate against Fremont, and a three up, three down inning when Syracuse was in the field.

Inning three had another run scored for Syracuse, despite a phenomenal catch in center field by Brayden Clark.

Inning four was off to a great start, with Fremont having a three up three down inning against Syracuse batters.

Though the first two Fremont batters got out, Petersen stepped up again, this time hitting a home run over the right-center fence. This tied the game 3-3.

In the fifth inning, Fremont fell a little short. After 5 batters from Syracuse, the score was 3-7.

Most of these runs were scored off of simple errors from Fremont, and frustrations were running high by the end of it.

Inning six brought a three up, three down inning with Fremont in the field, and when the boys were up to bat, another RBI was hit by Sage Wayment, bringing the score up to 4-7.

In the bottom of the seventh inning, Syracuse made a double play against Fremont, and a strikeout by Austin Taylor, number 12, brought the game to an end with a final score of 4-7 for Syracuse.

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Fremont soccer win against Northridge

Fremont beat Northridge High 1-0 on Tuesday, April 17th, and experienced all four seasons in the process. The weather ranged from warm and sunny to cold and hailing throughout the game.

The first half of the game against Northridge was uneventful, with both teams handling the ball frequently.

Despite lots of opportunities, including a near header by Weston Hales, and an almost score on a corner kick by Northridge, neither team scored.

Just a few minutes into the second half, however, Brandon Baray scored a goal, making it the first and only of the game.

Towards the middle of the second half, Northridge tried to score a goal, and during the attempt, Fremont’s keeper was kicked in the face.

Oddly enough, however, there was no call from the ref, and the keeper blocked the shot.

The game continued, and during stoppage time at the end, Kofi Herrick and the keeper from Northridge collided, and both of them went down.

Both of them stayed down, and after a couple minutes, Herrick limped off the field with the help of his coach and teammate.

Northridge’s keeper, however, stayed down considerably longer. After a few more minutes, he was helped off the field by the Northridge coaches.

The next home game is on Tuesday, April 24th against Syracuse.


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Fremont faces loss against Layton

The Fremont baseball team played against Layton on Wednesday, and unfortunately took a loss of 5-9.

The game got off to a rough start with Jack Arevalo, number 8 pitching, but after six Layton batters and only one out, the coaches decided to swap Arevalo out for Jack Dayton, number 4.

After a double play, Fremont was up to bat. Brayden Clark, number 2, got them off to a great start with a smash to center field.

When Cade Hadley, number 3 stepped up to bat, he had a solid hit to left field, and Clark touched home plate to score Fremont’s first run of the game.

The first inning closed out with a score of 1-3 for Layton. The boys were looking good going into the second inning with a three up, three down.

The batting was just as quick as the fielding, with only four Fremont batters stepping up to the plate. With no runs scored that inning, the boys went into the third.

Layton scored another run during the third inning, and the fourth inning started with a score of 1-4.

With another three up three down start to inning four, things were looking up. Wyatt Howell, number 13 stepped up to the plate and hit Arevalo home to score another run for Fremont.

Layton’s number 24 hit a home run over the fence, helping them pull further ahead in the fifth inning.

Austin Taylor, number 12 was hit by a pitch in the fifth inning and was hit home by Lex Petersen, number 29, along with two other runners who were on base.

The end of the fifth inning brought a score of 5-7, with Layton still ahead.

Emotions were running high during inning six, and by the bottom of the sixth, Fremont was down a coach and another two runs. All three of the Fremont batters that got up were either struck out or thrown out.

Midway through inning seven, Fremont switched pitchers again, putting in Cade Hadley, number 3.

After the three outs were made against Layton, three strikeouts and a walk from Fremont brought the game to an end with a final score of 5-9.

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Fremont baseball loss against Northridge


The baseball team played Northridge High School at home on Tuesday, taking a loss of 9-0 against them.

The team started the first inning with Sage Wayment, #1 as the pitcher. After a rough inning in the field, letting two runs slip through their fingers, the boys finished the inning with a strikeout and two outs on the bases.

By the end of the third inning, the score was 4-0 for the Knights.

When inning 5 came around, Fremont hit a bit of a wall.

Pitcher Sam Stratford, #9, took the mound at the beginning of the 5th inning. After Northridge scored 3 runs off of him, however, they switched to Taylor Ellis, #21, to finish out their fielding for the inning.

When the boys got up to bat however, it was a quick inning of 3 up, 3 down.

At the beginning of the 6th inning, Dane McCloy, #14, took the mound.

The boys finished out the game with a base hit by Austin Taylor, #12, and a solid hit by Logan Taylor, #26, that resulted in the third and final out of the game.

Hopefully the boys will learn from this game and use it to help improve themselves for all the games to come.

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Fremont takes a 4-1 victory over Layton

Fremont’s softball team came out on top against Layton High on Tuesday the 10th.

The first two innings came to an end with no runs scored.

The third inning started with three outs against Layton. Stalee Hadley, number 5, laid down a bunt, and though she got out at first, it resulted in Whitney Weston, number 13, touching home plate, making the first scored run of the game.

The fourth inning had the Fremont girls on the tips of their toes against the Layton High girls at bat.

Left fielder Cortney Rhees, number 21, had two impressive catches, the second of which being the third and final out of Layton’s at bat.

Though no runs were scored, Fremont had a strong bottom of the fourth inning. The inning ultimately ended in great catches by both Layton’s left fielder and their second baseman.

Fremont pulled off a three up, three down in inning five. When they got up to bat, Rhees, number 21, had a solid hit, which resulted in another run scored.

Inning five ended with a score of 2-0.

In the sixth inning, the Fremont girls slipped, with a total of six Layton players getting up to bat, one of them scoring.

When the third out was made, Fremont got up to bat again. Jadie Aiken, number 15, fouled off a fair amount of pitches before finally getting a hit, when she was safe at first base.

When Kynlee Hoggan, number 14 got up to bat, she hit a homerun, letting not only her, but Aiken as well, touch home plate.

The seventh and final inning was another three up three down, which ended the game on a high note with a final score of 4-1.

The girls’ next home game is on Friday April 13th at 3:30 against Bear River.

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Fremont softball takes a whopping win over Northridge


The softball team played Northridge on Tuesday and took a win of 15-5.

The first two innings were off to a slow start for us. By the end of the second inning, the score was 0-3 for the Northridge Knights.

Things took a turn for Fremont in the third inning, when a fantastic bunt by Hunter Pales, #2,and a few crucial RBIs brought our score from zero to four, helping us to pull ahead and finish the inning 4-3 for Fremont.

The fourth inning got crazy when Brianna George, #4, hit a smashing home run, adding another two runs to our score count.

As if this excitement wasn’t enough, Hadley Bennett, #24, stepped up to the plate only minutes later and hit another home run, helping both her and Aubrey Morrow, #18, touch home plate. Two outs later, Fremont finishes the inning with a huge new lead of 9-3.

In the fifth inning, Fremont took the field, and after a bit of a rough inning, managed to get three outs.

The girls did well in the teamwork category, bringing the score up by four more points using RBIs and a few solid hits.

The sixth inning was the last of the game, ending in a walk-off home run from Stalee Hadley, #5,  taking the final score up another two points for Fremont.

The final score of the softball game was 15-5 for the Fremont Silver Wolves, and many more exciting games will follow during the rest of the season, so make sure to come out and support.

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Kegan Leatherow wins a state title


In his four year high school career, senior, Kegan Leatherow has made it to the state finals twice. In his final year he showed his dominance by placing in, and winning, some of the biggest tournaments that the team competed at.

Though Leatherow did not stay injury free in the four years, he worked his hardest to stay healthy, with the help and support from his team and his family.

“The support I have received from my friends and family in unreal, also my coaches who have seen me through my struggles with injuries and help me recover and be as strong as I am now,” Leatherow said.

Leatherow lost in the state tournament his sophomore and junior year to Terrell Barraclough from Layton High School, and he was devastated.

“Terrell was my biggest competitor in high school, this year he wrestled in a different weight class,” Leatherow explained.

In this years finals, Leatherow wrestled Oakley Ridge from Pleasant Grove. Leatherow got a takedown with 12 seconds left sending the match into overtime making it Kegan’s first overtime match of his senior year.  

“I was by far the most nervous I have ever been for a high school match, it was my senior year I had to prove myself,” Leatherow said.

Leatherow did just that, he proved his dominance as a 120 lb wrestler. Not only did he bring home the 6A 120 lb state title, he also won the lightweight outstanding wrestler award.

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Silverline keeps standards high


Silverline kills the competition at region and state competitions

From the dramatic makeup, to the matching outfits and hair styled the exact same way, inside and out, the drill team is a passionate group of girls.

“I’ve been dancing for 9 years, said senior Sarah May. “I’m passionate about drill because in this sport, one person can’t just pull all the weight, you are only as strong as your weakest link. You have to be your best so you don’t let your team down. You are with the girls so much you become a family and I would do anything for any of the girls.”

As a team, the girls spend a lot of time together and create a bond that is like a family.

“Being on the floor and getting to do what you love with 30 of your best friends is so fun,” said senior Jordan Haines. “We also always make super funny memories at all the late night practices and competitions.”

Photo: Mrs. Cevering
The girls show perfect uniformity placing them in 2nd place at the Region competition.

Being a drill team member can be a lot of fun, but with it comes a lot of dedication.

“It’s a lot of hard work and takes up a lot of your time. If it’s something you really want to do you will have to work hard for it because it won’t come easy,” May explained. “Silverline is held to high standards and have a high reputation because of the past girls on the team so you have to work very hard to keep it.”

Following in the last year teams footsteps, Silverline placed 2nd overall yet again in their Region competition and moved onto to State finals for the third time in history.

“My experience going to state was bittersweet because I was so happy we made it this far and how well we were doing,” May said.

In the state finals the team took 7th overall, recripcating last years standards high after they placed in the top 10.

“Being able to beat teams that we have always wanted to beat was such a high for all of us, and being able to do it together made it all the more amazing,” Haines said.

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Splash into the new swim season


Swim season is starting up here! What can we expect from this year’s swimmers?

Well, according to Timothy Shupe, head swim coach and math teacher, many of last year’s swimmers returned. Because of this, Shupe has plans to “…start where we left off.”

There are more new girls than there were last year, and he said that this is a challenge because they have a lot to learn, but a good challenge that they are willing to rise to.

“The strongest points on the team are the strong work ethics and perseverance,” said Shupe.

The team as a whole has the ability to work through frustration and setbacks and use them to learn and grow as athletes.

A point that the team and coaches are working together to improve on is the consistency of the team. They are working to get a routine down and be able to be consistently strong in their events.

Some of the things the coaches are doing to help the swimmers improve on their consistency is holding the athletes accountable. They are making sure that the swimmers know what is expected of them, making sure that these expectations are reasonable, and putting consequences in place when they are necessary.

“I love being able to work with the kids and see them improve,” said Shupe.

It sounds like this coach of 11 years has a pretty good handle on things.

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